One-of-a-kind event to address community FI crypto strategies

DaLand CUSO announces participation in CryptoCom 2020

ROCKY HILL, CT (February 13, 2020) — DaLand CUSO, a CUNA associate business partner, is pleased to announce its participation in CryptoCom 2020, a conference designed to help community financial institutions prepare for the emerging age of cryptocurrency and digital assets. DaLand CUSO is first to market with its Coin2Core Extended Ecosystem Wallet™ (C2C), a DaLand tool that allows community financial institutions to use their existing core platform to vault/process cryptocurrency and digital assets. C2C is driven by technology conceptualized and developed by NetQash LLC, and functions as one of several integral components of DaLand CUSO’s Core Optimized Digital Experiences (C.O.D.E.).

Jon Ungerland, DaLand CUSO COO and a featured speaker at CryptoCom 2020, commented: “The way we store and move money is changing, fast, with digital assets and cryptocurrency becoming mainstream, instead of the mere fringe experiments of techno-nerds. 2020 will be the year the legacy payments and money movements systems are materially challenged by faster, cheaper, more valuable digital assets and cryptocurrency innovations.”

He continued, “CUs don’t have to become part of the legacy money storage and money movement system, but they easily could if strategies remain confined to AppleCard, checking accounts, plastics, and ACH”.

Josh Pilachowski, DaLand CUSO Director of Technology Development, added, “Google is launching a checking account in 2020. If you’re not thinking bigger than the usual FI products/services, you’re not investing in your future.”

This one-of-a-kind event will be hosted by NetQash LLC on April 8-9, 2020, at the The Commons on Champa in Denver, CO. CryptoCom is intentionally designed as an immersive, educational seminar and strategy experience. Visit for additional information, including conference registration.

About DaLand CUSO

Based in Rocky Hill, Conn., DaLand CUSO is a next-generation CUSO designed to benefit community financial institutions by functioning as their fintech experts and solutions consultants. With extensive experience in every level of financial institution operations and management, the DaLand team is comprised of three groups: Strategic Project Services (SPS), which draws upon the CUSO’s vast technical and professional experience to manage complex projects, conversions, and mergers; Vendor Strategy Services (VSS), which assists clients in strategically mapping out their technology partners and associated costs to create a sustainable and synthesized long-term IT and business strategy map; and the CODE division, which develops core-optimized digital experiences and extends the capabilities of relevant cores for DaLand CUSO clients that employ such cores. Additional information is available at


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