OneSpan Sign Virtual Room makes remote agreement signing easy and secure

Financial institutions and their customers can now safely and securely collaborate via videoconference to review and e-sign documents

CHICAGO, IL (April 23, 2021) — The global leader in securing remote banking transactions, today announced the launch of its OneSpan Sign Virtual Room for remote agreement collaboration and e-signing. The Virtual Room provides financial services organizations a single solution to deliver secure, video-enabled customer interactions for completing complex financial agreements.

“Branch access and in-person meetings have been replaced by digital interactions, in part due to pandemic restrictions but also because consumers increasingly prefer the convenience and safety,” said Aite Group Senior Analyst, Tiffani Montez. “Our research has shown that consumers turn to channels where they can get human help when banking activities are complex and high value. Bringing the human element to the remote signing process helps to recreate the power of a face-to-face meeting and improve digital customer engagement.”

Agreements used in account opening, wealth management, insurance, and automobile financing benefit from human interaction and facilitation. Using the Virtual Room, financial institutions and their customers can digitally review and sign documents together without having to combine multiple tools and apps. The process can also capture a video recording of the session for electronic evidence. Real-time assistance improves customer retention and avoids missing or wrong information that can delay transactions.

“Changing consumer preferences and the pandemic are driving banks, lenders, insurers, and other institutions to provide customers with the opportunity to complete high-value agreements from anywhere,” said OneSpan CEO, Scott Clements. “A human-digital hybrid approach to remote agreement processes provides organizations with a new and efficient channel to engage with customers and drive higher completion rates while delivering a convenient and safe customer experience.”

Learn more about the Virtual Room in an upcoming webinar presented by OneSpan and Aite Group, The Rise of Human-Assisted Remote Banking Services, at

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