Ongoing Operations & Adlumin partner to provide 24 / 7 / 365 cybersecurity for credit unions

HAGERSTOWN, MD (June 28, 2021) — Ongoing Operations, LLC (OGO) is proud to announce its partnership with Adlumin, Inc. The two companies will work together to revolutionize the way credit unions secure their sensitive information. Adlumin’s patented security and compliance automation platform improves overall network health and efficiencies of cyber resources. This technology will couple seamlessly with OGO’s log aggregation services, hosting tools, and security techniques. Additionally, ongoing Operations will be an authorized reseller of Adlumin’s SOC, OVERWATCH, and SIEM products nationwide.

“One of Ongoing Operations core values is Relentless Improvement. Working with Adlumin demonstrates our never-ending commitment to consistently improving how cybersecurity solutions are deployed and tailored for the credit union industry. Adlumin and OGO’s partnership to deliver a 24/7 SOC and SIEM for credit unions allows for us to bring OGO’s highly customized Credit Union experience and bench to a fantastic cyber platform,” says Kirk Drake (CEO of Ongoing Operations). Together these two companies will provide a wide range of cybersecurity services to keep credit unions and their members safe 24/7/365.

“As security threats become more complex and widespread, it is critical that vendors and cybersecurity integrators combine their forces to protect customers and their critical assets. Ongoing Operations and Adlumin have developed a strong partnership as we both work together to help solve our customers’ most critical security challenges. The partnership demonstrates the confidence that Adlumin has in Ongoing Operations and their ability to support our joint customers with their technical acumen and focus on customer success,” says Jim Adams, Vice President WW Sales at Adlumin. OGO and Adlumin have already begun servicing credit unions together and will continue to offer their services to all current and prospective clients.

This partnership will provide credit unions with access to a broader range of technology capabilities, including UEBA (User & Entity Behavior Analytics), managed compliance, threat detection, and cloud-native SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

Ongoing Operations will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, at 2 PM ET. During this joint webinar, sponsored by OGO, Adlumin Founder and CEO Robert Johnston, will go over selecting a Next-Generation SIEM Platform and how knowing your customer’s need for security and compliance is vital.

About Ongoing Operations

Ongoing Operations (OGO) is a credit union-owned technology services provider committed to delivering thought leadership, resources, and solutions that help credit union executives and IT leaders align technology with business strategy, maximize their IT investment, and improve operational performance. OGO leverages a shared platform to empower credit unions to uniquely build and manage their technology so they can focus on their core business – providing their members with value-added financial services. OGO was founded in 2006 and is the trusted technology partner for credit unions, offering a range of managed information security, hosting, disaster recovery, and telecom solutions. Learn more at

About Adlumin


Adlumin Inc. is a patented, advanced security and compliance automation platform built for corporate organizations that demand innovative cybersecurity solutions and easy-to-use, comprehensive reporting tools. The Adlumin team has a passion for technology and solving the most challenging problems through the targeted application of data science and compliance integration. Our mission is to “add luminosity” or visibility to every customer’s network processes through real-time threat detection, analysis, and response to ensure sensitive data remains secure. Learn more at


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