Origins™ suite integrates with any core system, helps depositories win digital race

HOUSTON, TX (January 28, 2021)

The Origins™ Suite, the digital solution designed by and built for credit unions through eCU Technology, has already helped a number of credit unions significantly increase loan, membership and business applications, while reducing abandonment rates.

The Origins Suite’s modern, agile technology is able to integrate with ANY core system, opening the door for community financial institutions of all sizes to enhance their 2021 digital experience and and assure healthy, future-proof growth.

“Providing the kind of user-friendly digital experience members expect will be key to your financial institution’s success in 2021 and beyond,” says Larry Hayes, eCU Technology’s President. “Credit unions and community banks can utilize our digital solutions regardless of their core system to open new accounts in under five minutes, provide real-time funding options and integrate ID verification and credit checks to streamline approvals.”

Credit unions and community banks are encouraged to contact eCU Technology directly to request a demo. More information about the Origins Suite, powered by eCU Technology, may be found online at

About eCU Technology

eCU Technology® is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) owned by First Service Credit Union of Houston, TX. Their mission is to inspire and cultivate financial institution customer/member relationships with innovative, forward-thinking financial technology services. They are dedicated to the growth and success of financial institutions across the country by providing ORIGINS™ – their adaptable, online account and loan origination solutions. For more information about eCU Technology and the ORIGINS™ solution, visit


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