P1FCU engages Digital Align for its transformation journey

SUNDALE, CA (January 11, 2022) — The $1.8 billion P1FCU has begun its digital transformation journey with a focus on efficiency that will help the credit union better serve its members, and Digital Align is beside them guiding the way.

The credit union’s recent field of membership expansion allowed P1FCU to serve the entire state of Washington, South Idaho and multiple counties in Oregon. After learning about Digital Align in a credit union trade publication and doing a bit more digging, P1FCU determined this company was the digital transformation partner to bring the credit union into the future.

“We’ve always focused on service and a lot of our survey results say we do a great job, and so, as we’re expanding into these new areas, we want to provide that same level of service without just throwing bodies at it, building that efficiency and automating and streamlining the process,” P1FCU Chief Lending Officer Andrew Heimgartner said.

During the discovery process, Digital Align identified approximately 30 different processes in the mortgage department alone, and P1FCU decided to first focus on flood certification and member verification. The implementation of digital assistants in these two areas have saved members and employees time and stress through the mortgage process, and the credit union is better able to serve members more efficiently to improve service and save money.

“Hiring more loan officers with the bots and the existing staff, P1FCU can now scale much faster, much easier and continue to maintain the same and even improved quality of service,” Digital Align CEO Rajesh Patil said. “The efficiency play is basically enabling P1FCU to piece together those options to bring more business to the credit union, and our team couldn’t be happier for P1FCU and its members.”

Heimgartner noted that Patil’s experience having worked in credit unions was a tremendous benefit to P1FCU. “Rajesh has been able to offer so many suggestions that have been so helpful for us across the lending channels, and that comes directly from his credit union experience,” he added.

Andrew Heimgartner

Rajesh Patil

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