Park View Federal Credit Union uses HappyOrNot® smiley kiosks to measure member satisfaction in branches

HARRISONBURG, VA (March 23, 2015) — Park View Federal Credit Union planned for some staffing and minor physical space changes at the beginning of the year in several of its branches. In order to gauge the impact of the upcoming changes, PVFCU purchased the HappyOrNot customer satisfaction kiosks.   The kiosks were used at its branches to establish “before” baseline measurements during December 2014. Beginning in January 2015 the HappyOrNot kiosks measured members’ reactions to the changes as they were made throughout the first quarter of 2015. The results revealed continually improving member satisfaction levels as a result of both the branch changes and the use of the HappyOrNot kiosks. The most recent results credit union wide found that responses were 99% positive.

HappyOrNot kiosks record customer satisfaction at the point of service with a single question to which customers respond by pushing one of four buttons (green smiley face, light green semi-smiley face, light red semi-frown, or red frown). Responses are recorded along with the date and time and uploaded wirelessly each day. Reports are generated to measure overall customer satisfaction levels and to help isolate specific days/times of dissatisfaction.

“We noticed that we were getting less positive responses during lunch times at one of our branches, which led the Branch Manager to make scheduling adjustments to allow for more coverage during those times,” says Lisa Lehman, PVFCU Marketing Manager. “This resulted in a distinct improvement in member satisfaction at that branch. Most interesting is that we noticed that members had more grace when things weren’t going as well (long lines, etc.). We attribute this in part to members appreciating our message that we care about their feedback that the presence of the HappyOrNot kiosks provide. Even on days when service was slower due to increased foot traffic, the kiosk responses were positive.”

Park View Federal Credit Union was the first credit union in Virginia to implement the technology. Members have been curious about the HappyOrNot units, have asked questions about them, and think they are interesting and fun.  One member posted a photo of one of the units on Instagram and said, “What a great way to get immediate customer feedback! Great job Park View Federal Credit Union.”

PVFCU found that after the units have been in a branch for a few months, they are noticed when they are gone while being used at another branch.  Some members have commented while the unit wasn’t there that they would “give a green smiley” if it were!

Installation of the kiosks was a seamless process for PVFCU according to Lehman. “Our reseller DoublePort LLC who specializes in credit union and banking deployments did an excellent job with preconfiguring the kiosks and training ahead of time so that it only took us 5 minutes to set them up and start using them at our branch locations once they arrived.”

“HappyOrNot kiosks regularly help improve credit union member satisfaction levels by an average of 5% within their first month of deployment,” says Ed Gundrum, CEO of DoublePort, an authorized reseller and systems integrator of HappyOrNot in North America. “Member satisfaction directly relates to bottom line revenue. With an average 40% response rate directly at the point of sale, and the cost of about a fancy cup of coffee per day to own and operate, the HappyOrNot kiosks are one of the most effective CRM devices in the industry today.”

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