Participation in the 2018 Sharetec Users Conference hits an all-time high

Sharetec System, core technology made simple, announces they will be hosting the 2018 Sharetec Users Conference taking place in San Antonio, TX, from September 17th – 19th, 2018, with more Sharetec Credit Unions to attend than ever before.

Sharetec Credit Unions are given the opportunity to network with other Sharetec users and meet the Sharetec support team. Attendees will participate in workshops and training sessions featuring topics relevant to their needs and interest. They will also meet a variety of business partners and special speakers who will offer insights to help grow memberships and develop business strategies.

“Attending the Sharetec Users Conference is always something we look forward to. We benefit a great deal from networking and exchanging ideas with our fellow Sharetec users. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with all Sharetec has to offer and find new ways to help grow our credit union,” comments Jeanette Isaac, Executive Vice President of Illinois State Credit Union.

Tim Luger, Managing Director of Sales for SHAZAM Network, comments, “We always enjoy attending the Sharetec Users Conference each year, catching up with clients to find more ways to help them grow their credit union. It’s a great way to touch base with clients we have been working with, and it gives us the opportunity to meet and talk with new clients we have not met yet.”

“Sharetec Credit Unions attending the Users Conference have a great opportunity to see the ins and outs of Sharetec and learn new processes that will help the credit union grow and find new ways to improve staff efficiency. With our highest attendance yet for this year, it will be great to catch up with customers and business partners,” comments Courtney Bowlin, Sharetec’s Conference Coordinator.

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