Partnership between Trellance and DQLabs brings modern data quality and business analytics to credit unions

TAMPA, FL (November 29, 2022) — A partnership between business analytics and talent services provider Trellance and modern data quality platform provider, DQLabs, is opening the door for more credit unions to access AI-enhanced solutions to observe, measure, and discover the data and analytics that matter.

The DQLabs platform eliminates data silos by centralizing your data quality efforts into a single, AI-driven platform. It employs machine learning and smart automation to enable user communities of all types to collaboratively remediate data quality issues, accelerating time to value and resulting in improved business outcomes.

“For credit unions to truly achieve the modern data stack, they need to employ a new approach to their ecosystem that scales with their needs, delivers the data that matters, and accelerates the speed at which they can access data to keep up with the pace of innovation,” said DQLabs CEO and Founder, Raj Joseph. Elaborating further he says, “Better integration among technology partners makes it simpler and more cost-effective to adopt increasingly advanced tools, and with each step in this direction, credit unions fortify their position in the competitive financial services market.”

The Trellance M360 business analytics platform combined with the DQLabs modern data quality platform enables credit unions to manage growing volumes of data with greater precision and accuracy. The partnership is another important step towards Trellance’s goal of making its M360 platform the single source of trusted enterprise data.

Trellance Partner Program Vice President Dianne Kruse said DQLabs is a valuable addition to Trellance’s ecosystem of innovative partners. “A credit union’s competitiveness is dependent on the quality of the data it collects, integrates, and uses to derive insights,” she said. “It is a major challenge for any organization to achieve this at scale, which is why we’re so pleased to make the DQLabs solution more widely available to the credit union industry.”

About Trellance

Trellance is a credit union cooperative and leading technology partner for credit unions, delivering innovative technology solutions to help credit unions achieve more. With a comprehensive suite of analytics, cloud and talent solutions, the Trellance team ensures credit unions increase efficiency, manage risk, and improve member experience. As a tech partner, Trellance ensures that credit unions have access to the latest generation of fintech solutions, filled with powerful tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn more at

About DQLabs

DQLabs is the Modern Data Quality platform that enables organizations to observe, measure, and discover the data that matters. With an automation-first approach and self-learning capabilities, the DQLabs platform harnesses the combined power of Data Observability, Data Quality and Data Discovery to enable data producers, consumers, and leaders to turn data into action faster, easier, and more collaboratively. For more information:


Maren Bradley
Manager of Marketing Communications

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