Patelco Credit Union’s ScoreUp Credit Builder Loan boosts members credit scores and savings

DUBLIN, CA (July 7, 2021) — Guided by its mission to help improve the financial health and well-being of its 400,000 members through good times and bad, Bay Area-based Patelco Credit Union created a new program to help members improve their credit score and grow savings – even during the pandemic.

Patelco’s ScoreUp Credit Builder Loan was built to tackle the pain points that many people face when building or rebuilding their credit. To ScoreUp, Patelco members do not need a credit history to qualify, they get low interest rates and budget friendly monthly payments are placed in a secure ScoreUp Savings Account. When the loan is paid off members then have access to funds in their ScoreUp Savings Account – building their credit score and their savings. It’s a win-win, and it’s working.

After as little time as three months, 62% of members with the ScoreUp Credit Builder Loan saw an increase in their FICO score. So far, 80% of members that have taken advantage of the new lending program previously had no FICO score or a FICO score of less than 630. With 72% of ScoreUp Credit Builder Loan participants under the age of 45, Patelco is also engaging younger members and encouraging healthy financial habits.

Patelco is dedicated to making a difference and is proud to connect with members that truly need and want to build their credit and financial health in a positive way.

About Patelco Credit Union

Dublin, Calif.-based Patelco Credit Union is a not-for-profit credit union committed to serving the financial health and well-being of its membership. With nearly 500,000 members, primarily in and around northern California, Patelco is committed to improving its members’ financial health and well-being by offering personalized solutions, advice, and expertise that empower members to live their best financial lives. Founded in 1936 with $500 in assets by employees of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, Patelco is in the top one percent of U.S. credit unions with more than $9 billion in assets. For more information, visit


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