Payveris and D3 Banking(TM) to provide unified digital banking, payment and money movement services

WETHERSFIELD, CT (February 11, 2014) — Payveris™, a next generation online and mobile digital payments company offering a full range of bill payment, money movement and interbank transfer solutions to banks and credit unions throughout the United States, and D3 Banking™, an omnichannel digital banking solution, have announced a partnership to deliver a seamless, easy to use, unified digital banking and payments user experience.

As part of the partnership, D3 Banking will be fully integrated with Payveris’ digital payments platform to provide banks and credit unions with a single offering that enables innovative, cost effective, consistent and personalized access to their accounts.

“Our D3 Banking solution is built on the belief that financial institutions should control the user experience around all types of money movement – bill pay, account to account, person to person – and that all those payment options should ride on a single payment rail infrastructure,” states Mark Vipond, CEO, D3 Banking. “The customer or member of the bank or credit union should be isolated from the details of ‘how’ the money is moved and be allowed to focus on ‘what’ type of transaction they want and when they need the transaction to occur.”

Payveris’ automated and cloud-based digital payment solution allows for secure, faster, less expensive payment transactions with less risk of errors and provides financial institutions with a more integrated offering that creates a better overall user experience than what is currently available today.

“Both companies bring an understanding of market needs and the desire to help banks and credit unions to more effectively compete and serve their customers or members. With this in mind, I am excited about partnering with D3 Banking, as we work together, to provide consumers with a better way to seamlessly manage their finances from their online or mobile devices,” said Fran Duggan, President of Payveris.

“The partnership between D3 Banking and Payveris delivers a solution that allows financial institutions to control all aspects of the user experience around money movement providing a single infrastructure for account to account, person to person and bill payment transactions all accessed via a single API,” continues Vipond.  “Not only does the customer or member benefit from an intuitive, easy to use interface, but the bank and credit union now can retain and utilize data around their customers’ payment activities that can be used to identify least cost routing options and offer new products and services.”

“Raising the standards for how consumers interact with their financial institution beyond the branch is essential to helping banks and credit unions gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace,” added Duggan. “By offering a single packaged solution that includes both online and mobile banking combined with digital payment services, consumers benefit. And, ultimately benefiting the customer or member is what banking is all about.”

About D3 Banking
D3 Banking reduces cost and complexity for banks and credit unions by providing a comprehensive set of banking services from a single code base that can be accessed via laptop, smartphone, or tablets. D3 Banking uses responsive web design in a transactional environment to deliver a consistent user experience anytime, anywhere, on any device. D3 Banking is Data Driven Digital™ banking utilizing a powerful analytics engine allowing financial institutions to personalize their offering of products and services to their customers. D3 Banking is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with a software development office in Denver, Colorado.

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About Payveris LLC
Payveris is a next generation digital online and mobile payment company offering full service online bill pay, money movement and interbank transfer solutions for financial institutions and service providers. The company’s secure cloud-based platform, advanced technologies and full suite of APIs enables partners and financial institutions to deliver a more integrated and customized solution at a lower cost. Payveris’ innovative payment platform combined with its “white label” business model provides core processors, online banking providers and other providers of remote banking services a powerful solution for their financial services clients. 

For more information about Payveris and its Digital Payment solutions, contact Mickey Goldwasser at 860.896.8365, via email at visit

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