Pen Air FCU gives the gift of financial literacy: Biz Kid$

PENSACOLA, FL (September 19, 2014) — Pen Air Federal Credit Union gives the gift of financial literacy to Escambia County middle and high schools through the Emmy award winning television series, Biz Kid$.

Biz Kid$ is a fun, interactive financial literacy program centered on youth teaching youth about personal finances, careers, credit and debit, entrepreneurship, financial markets and the economy, financial planning, and saving and investing. The 65 “edutainment” episodes and corresponding curriculum are now available for teachers to utilize in their classrooms.

“Thank you, Pen Air FCU for providing resources for which our students may build solid foundations for financial independence as they learn about these important life lessons. I look forward to putting this program into the hands of all our students”, said Sherri Stallworth, Librarian at Earnest Ward Middle School.

The Biz Kid$, TV series has been nominated for several daytime Emmys over the last few years. It runs nationally on PBS and other stations, and is created for kids aged 9 – 16. Each episode uses a blend of entertainment and education, while introducing concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The show has been approved to meet the Florida State Standards for Financial Literacy requirements for both middle and high schools. Biz Kid$ currently airs locally on PBS Saturday mornings.

For more information about Pen Air FCU’s commitment to financial literacy with Biz Kid$, contact Melissa Dandridge, Marketing Specialist at 850.505.3200 Ext 7773 or

About Biz Kid$.
Biz Kid$ is a 30-minute program created by the creators of Emmy award-winning “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” and is a dynamic, multimedia presentation. Every episode introduces several young entrepreneurs and philanthropists who share their success stories. From a skateboard designer to a candy store owner – they are kids that young viewers can relate to and be inspired by. The show goes to show how much young people can accomplish when they are educated about personal finance and business.

About Pen Air Federal Credit Union.
Established in 1936, Pen Air Federal Credit Union is the oldest and largest local credit union headquartered in Pensacola, FL. Several full service offices, ATMs, shared branching network, plus student run high school credit unions, combined with Internet and Mobile access provide worldwide reach. Pen Air FCU has over $1.2 billion in assets, serving over 1,000 employee groups. Visit for more information about Pen Air Federal Credit Union.

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