People are key to CU’s core switch

North Shore Federal Credit Union ($167M; 10,000 members) recently selected CUProdigy to replace its outdated core data processing system.

“Our current system just hasn’t kept pace with what’s available out in the marketplace,” said CEO Mark Summers. When he began his data processing search, he said he heard a lot of good things both about CUProdigy’s platform and its people.

“The CUProdigy core is definitely an improvement over what we have now, but what I’m really excited about is the people we’ll be working with,” Summers said. “I like the fact that they’re a CUSO and I have all the confidence in the world that the CUProdigy team will continue to enhance the platform over time.” He said that CUProdigy is a great value now, but he expects it to be even moreso in the years to come.

Summers is also enthusiastic about moving from an in-house system to a 100% cloud-based platform. He said the cloud will bring significant improvements in business continuity, disaster recovery, backups and uptime, among other things.

“We’re really excited about our future with the CUProdigy team,” Summers concluded.

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