People Driven’s new credit union website design by BloomCU captures forward movement

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT (July 17, 2019) — People Driven Credit Union’s gorgeous new website is up and full of life. BloomCU’s diamond award-winning team collaborated with PDFCU to create the site. It’s built to reflect People Driven’s pace and personalized service to members. The shiny new credit union website design draws people right in with the beautiful, upbeat design, and the technology to match.

People Driven and BloomCU worked together to build a site with faster search capability so visitors could easily find products and services. A credit union website like this one revolutionizes the entire banking process, making it better for employees and members alike. Rewards are the aim for PDFCU members, and this new site definitely lives up to that.

Rewards for members means rewards for PDFCU. It made sense for them to employ the expertise of the BloomCU team, who used card sorting and usability tests to improve navigation in the final product. Search clarity, beautiful design and an intuitive site was BloomCU’s end goal in designing for People Driven, and they definitely crossed the finish line with this one.

One of the coolest features in People Driven’s new website is BloomCU’s natural language quiz bot Persona. Anyone who visits the site will get a personalized experience based on their past web search habits and inferred preferences. What could be a better way to reach members and cater to their specific needs in a way that is quickly accessible to them?

“We’re honored we’ve had the chance to work with the People Driven team,” said Ryan Harmon, Creative Director at BloomCU. “Their new site really stands out as one of the most intuitive and attractive credit union website designs out there.”

About BloomCU

BloomCU LLC helps credit unions design results-driven websites that increase loans and accounts. They work with credit unions in 25 states across the US, many of which have won awards or recognition for their websites from CUNA, MAC, The Financial Brand, Credit Union Times, CUES, and others. The company has a reputation for designing beautiful websites that feature intelligent technologies (e.g., personalization, chatbots, integrated origination experiences) and then optimizing those sites continuously to grow loans, deposits, and membership.

About People Driven Federal Credit Union

A result of a 2014 merger between Ford company employees and Detroit Federal Employees dating back to 1928, People Driven Federal Credit Union is one of the finest banking establishments in the financial world. Anticipating and catering to every single member is the goal of this modern day credit union of 25,000 and counting. Low-cost, high quality products and services, loans, savings and checking accounts with plenty of rewards make People Driven a welcome place for every member. Get more information at


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