Pioneer Federal Credit Union opens new Caldwell branch

SEATTLE, WA (February 17, 2021) — Momentum is proud to join Pioneer Federal Credit Union in celebrating the opening of their latest branch in Caldwell, Idaho. This new branch bridges the gap between digital and traditional banking preferences and enables the credit union to serve members in the way they feel most comfortable. The branch also embraces a unified brand identity, so when a member walks in they know they’re at Pioneer.

Members entering the branch are presented with options, whether they just have a simple transaction or need more complex services. In this booming market, many members are coming in to discuss their first mortgage and they can work with the universal associates at the concierge desk in the lobby or move to an unassigned office for a more private conversation. For more complex tasks, or for socially distanced services, the unassigned offices feature easy-to-use video technology where a remote staff member can offer a full range of services with HD video and a document signing device.

Personal Teller Machines (PTMs, or ITMs) are tucked away into cubbies at the edge of the lobby, offering convenient access for quick transactions while also providing a higher level of member privacy.

Momentum’s design team also kept wellbeing top-of-mind. One pain point that the Pioneer team identified was noise. Unwanted noise can be distracting to both members and staff, and when a building carries noise or echoes this can be a real source of stress. Momentum’s designers selected acoustically treated surfaces for much of the branch, including the ceiling of the lobby and the PTM cubbies. This creates a quieter environment where members and staff can hear each other, which is especially critical when everyone is wearing masks, and gives PTM users additional privacy.

A bright and open glass-walled community room provides a gathering space for members and the business community as well as a convenient training area for staff. For events or situations with different space needs, all furniture in the community room and throughout the branch are on casters to make reconfiguring the branch a simple process.

Tying it all together is colors and materials that celebrate Pioneer Federal Credit Union’s brand identity. The blues, whites, and natural wood colors are brought to life with modern materials, giving the branch an atmosphere that is both high-tech and inviting. The branch incorporates branding elements from Pioneer’s new headquarters, which will tie the branches together with a unified brand identity.

The end result is an attractive, modern branch that bridges the gap between digital banking and human connections, offering seamless and easy to use technology while breaking down barriers between Pioneer’s members and staff.

About Momentum

Momentum is a strategic design-build partner that takes a people-centric approach to helping credit unions and community banks thrive. The way we see it, a building cannot be successful unless it’s truly meeting the needs of the people who will use it. We start by fully understanding your business goals so we can design and build for your employees, your customers. We use powerful predictive data to zero in on how to best serve the people who live and work in your neighborhoods, and we help uncover the right technologies to connect your employees with colleagues and customers. We collaborate with you every step of the way using a unique integrated process and open communication style, so all stakeholders can move forward with confidence. We deliver brand-inspired buildings that strengthen connections and reflect their communities, where people love to work and visit. At Momentum, we believe a design-build partnership delivers better relationships, and it delivers better buildings


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