Prelim introduces framework enhancement to quickly and easily connect financial institutions to any technology company, making open banking more accessible

Prelim, a fintech provider optimizing digital banking experiences for financial institutions, has announced a proprietary framework technology that allows banks and credit unions to connect with any technology company, including core providers, through a single line of code.

Traditionally, community financial institutions in particular have been challenged to create thousands of lines of code (either by an in-house or outsourced IT team) to connect disparate technology systems within an institution’s technology stack. With its most recent enhancements, Prelim provides bankers with a more efficient, user-friendly process to achieve these connections and in doing so, offers greater control over their institutions’ digital banking ecosystems.

For financial institutions using Prelim, the platform can essentially serve as a connector between a bank or credit union’s core system and its mobile banking, digital account opening, commercial banking, treasury management, or any other supplemental technology that plays a role in the customer journey.

“My experience working with financial institutions of all sizes has shown how important it is to have both the flexibility and scalability to handle the connections between different providers and systems,” said Marcio DeOliveira, CTO and Chief Digital Banking Officer of Climate First Bank. “This enhancement from Prelim provides FIs with this capability and level of control by allowing any bank or credit union to quickly and easily connect all their preferred technologies and systems.”

“We enable community FIs to more effectively compete in the marketplace by providing a modern, efficient customer journey by leveraging the easy-to-use API connectors,” explained Heang Chan, CEO and founder of Prelim. “Too often, banks’ and credit unions’ digital transformation initiatives are hindered by operational challenges and the level of resources required to complete them. By distilling system interfaces down to a single line of code, we are bringing a new level of accessibility, control and convenience to financial institutions as they implement their digital roadmaps.”

About Prelim

Prelim helps financial institutions digitize the customer journey from onboarding to servicing while also improving the employee journey by streamlining and automating internal operations from reviewing to processing to underwriting to servicing. Built by banking experts, Prelim's no-code, white-labeled platform delivers a better customer experience by automating the workflows and processes for financial institutions, from identity verification to issuing services from the core and so much more. For more information, visit


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