PROFIT INSIGHT hires former GE Money Executive Timothy Marsh to focus on bank and retailer credit programs

Executive brings 30 years of experience and global perspective to the many challenges facing banks and retailers

MOORESVILLE, NC (February 2, 2015) — PROFIT INSIGHT®, an international consulting firm specializing in earnings optimization for the financial services industry, has hired international card program and banking expert Timothy Marsh for a newly created position as Managing Director of Business Development.  He will be helping bank and retail clients of PROFIT INSIGHT improve the profitability of their credit card programs.  A former senior vice president of Global Account Sales for GE Capital/ GE Money, Marsh is based in southern Florida.  He has worked extensively with retailers such as Wal-Mart, Lowes, Macy’s, Tesco, and Montgomery Ward, and manufacturers such as Hyundai and Dell.  At GE Money, he led the team that developed PayPal’s initial foray into Consumer Credit.

Marsh’s hiring directly addresses the pressing needs of the banking and retail markets.  Banks and retailers have become leaner over the last five years, with squeezed margins, declining deposit bases and eroding credit card program profitability taking a significant toll on their bottom lines.  Banks and retailers need new innovative approaches to deal with these issues, but few have made the investment in new thinking.  As a result, they are searching outside their companies for fresh insights from experts like PROFIT INSIGHT who can provide highly experienced specialists such as Timothy Marsh.  Marsh uses a proven analytic approach in helping companies reach their own conclusions on ways to grow their balances and account base.

“Hiring innovative executives and experienced analytical teams is prohibitively expensive for all but the largest banks and retailers,” says Marsh.   “Top talent is available.  But, instead of buying it in the form of full time employees, banks can acquire it by engaging proven consultants.  I’ve joined PROFIT INSIGHT because their gifted analysts and strategists consistently introduce fresh perspectives and innovative concepts directly where they are needed,” he explains.  “PROFIT INSIGHT is highly motivated to bring new ideas to fruition simply because the company’s revenue is based on the success of each strategy.”

Marsh was attracted to PROFIT INSIGHT by its 41-year record of success in helping global clients generate over $40 billion in incremental revenue on six continents.  “I wanted to work for an organization that leverages my 30 years of global card experience and focuses world class talent to solve their clients’ problems.  At PROFIT INSIGHT, I have re-established my relationships with my global banking and retail contacts,” Marsh says.  “Instead of working with one institution, I am able to work with all of them to increase their profitability. This is a very exciting opportunity.”

Supporting clients in both North and South America, Marsh joins the Americas division of PROFIT INSIGHT.  Division Senior Managing Director Jonathan Donahue says, “We welcome Tim to our best-in-class client relationship organization and look forward to his many contributions with clients and within the company. Tim’s expertise in financial services operations and skills in card marketing perfectly complement our extremely strong team.”

PROFIT INSIGHT® is an international earnings enhancement firm providing specialized profitability and performance improvement solutions to financial institutions worldwide. For more than forty years, PROFIT INSIGHT® has helped financial customers on six continents realize over $40 billion in incremental revenue and cost reduction benefits.  PROFIT INSIGHT delivers results through its three global divisions – the Americas, EMEAR (Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia) and AsiaPAC (Asia/Pacific).  PROFIT INSIGHT is known for the tactical and actionable revenue opportunities it finds for its clients. The company is based in Mooresville, North Carolina and can be found online at  

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