PSB Announces its Collection of Brochure Options

Molly Hervey, Corporate Marketing, PSB Integrated Marketing
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Orange County, CA:  Think print is out of fashion? PSB doesn’t think so.  “We are beginning to see the pendulum swinging back in support of print marketing,” said Mark DeBellis, president of PSB Integrated Marketing. “Marketers are realizing that with declining email click-thru rates and the crowded digital landscape that print is an important foundation of building a brand franchise. With brand building as the goal, we felt the need to create a collection of ideas for marketers.”

Taking a cue from the fashion world, PSB Integrated Marketing is presenting the most effective print  formats in a high-style color catalog. Crafted to deliver brand impressions as well as present critical information, these tools are designed for maximum impact.

The new catalog, “The Brochure: Made to Fit, Designed to Attract,” showcases a variety of client brand projects as examples. Five sections illustrate creative solutions to specific business challenges:

  • “Have We Met Before?”. Brand consistency is critical to any marketing campaign. Coordinated brochure versions keep the company’s image in focus. For example, variations of colors and text may adhere to a common layout or photographic element.
  • “You Caught My Eye”. Businesses can attract attention and make a memorable impression with brochures that maximize visual impact. Eye-catching shapes, folds, and stepped pages add to their appeal and keep information organized.
  • “More Than Meets the Eye”. Complex details pull together with innovative construction techniques. By incorporating pockets, inserts, and stepped layers, brochures present information in a clear, attractive form, while inviting hands-on exploration.
  • “Come a Little Closer”. – For presentations as unique as each business, clients can choose coordinating documents, inserts and envelopes, and pull them together in a single package. The results give readers information along with a sense of the company’s character and style.
  • “Tell Me All About You”. When there’s a story to tell, these brochures convey a wealth of information without overwhelming the reader. Mini-magazine formats work seamlessly with design details such as sheer overlays, clear formatting and bright colors.

Special features create even more possibilities. PSB’s creative and technical skill allows them to work with countless materials and techniques. In addition to various paper and coatings, they also advocate creating specialized construction, such as accordion folds, die-cut shapes and perforations.

It’s not just about style for its own sake. “Brochures are about both form and function,” says PSB Art Director, Molly Hervey. “All the visual elements are there to pull the reader in and deliver the client’s message. That’s what it’s all about. We are collecting these elements to share the different options available. It’s not enough to provide the basic information anymore, the brochure must be an experience in itself.”

Known for its creative flair, PSB comes through again with a striking design reminiscent of a high-fashion magazine. With superb photography and witty commentary, the catalog is equally at home on a coffee table or in the office.

But don’t expect any perfume samples inside. Instead, the catalog includes an insert offering 25% off Design or Print Services for orders placed before October 31. At that rate, even the most outdated brochure can invest in a summer makeover.

PSB Integrated Marketing specializes in providing award-winning agency-quality solutions faster and more effectively than most traditional resources. PSB works with clients of all sizes as both a primary provider to marketers and as an adjunct to in-house marketing teams. As a full-service provider, PSB offers creative concepts, graphic design and layout, in-house prepress, and on-site lithographic/digital printing, bindery in addition to secured mail house services in their Orange County, CA facility.

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