PSCU furthers commitment to digital experience through advancements in mobile and online card management tools

CUSO currently has more than 140 credit unions live on DX Mobile platform, with DX Online and digital issuance on the horizon

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (April 7, 2020) — In support of its commitment to delivering best-in-class products and services to its Owner credit unions, PSCU continues to extend its leadership position in digital offerings to bolster credit union members’ online, mobile and digital experiences. The nation’s premier payments credits union service organization (CUSO), PSCU is elevating and expanding its mobile card management platform, as well as offering an online card management tool and digital issuance beginning in late 2020, among other initiatives.

“Consumer preferences, expectations and demands are constantly changing and shifting. These shifts are even more apparent in the digital space, as consumers of all ages are adopting online banking, downloading payment apps on their mobile phones and altering the way in which they interact with their credit unions on a daily basis,” said Denise Stevens, chief product officer at PSCU. “It is critical for credit unions to offer members access to a range of banking experiences, including mobile, online and other digital solutions, with contactless and digital becoming increasingly important as COVID-19 dictates how we conduct our everyday financial interactions. At PSCU, we understand the importance digital offerings hold in a credit union’s portfolio and are dedicated to helping our Owners deliver these crucial solutions and services to their members.”

Serving more than one million members, PSCU’s Digital Xperience (DX) platform enables Owner credit unions to effectively compete with big banks, while maintaining the personal touch that sets credit unions apart from other financial institutions. The digital suite is also connected to PSCU’s best-in-class fraud detection systems, which utilize aggregated data from nearly 33 million members to better identify and stop fraudulent activity while enabling members to transact seamlessly.

Launched in 2018 as part of the market-leading DX suite, DX Mobile is a user-friendly app that offers comprehensive card management while providing control, flexibility and personalization. Recent enhancements to the DX Mobile platform, all of which focus on improving a user’s digital experience, include the support of Apple Pay push provisioning, additions to the lost/stolen debit process, improved travel notifications capabilities and more.

Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union (BFSFCU) was one of PSCU’s first Owner credit unions to integrate DX Mobile into its suite of services. From card alerts and controls to improved travel notifications and further enhancements, BFSFCU – based in Washington, D.C. – has already seen success among its members and staff with the mobile platform.

“Early adoption of PSCU’s DX Mobile was paramount to our transient and largely international membership, providing a number of critical app features that appeal to our cardholders on the go,” said Robert Arold, manager, Payment Products and Experience at BFSFCU. “DX Mobile benefits credit union staff by saving time and it empowers members with a vast array of self-service functions. Most importantly, it encourages greater engagement with our debit and credit card products.”

Another addition to the DX suite, PSCU’s online card management platform, DX Online, is currently in pilot. DX Online will deliver member-centric, intuitive online experiences to enable cardholders to manage all aspects of their debit and credit cards while on the go and after branch hours. For credit unions, DX Online will also provide a robust back-end administrative tool to customize aspects of the interface and marketing content through a self-serve environment.

“At Scenic Community Credit Union, we were seeking a mobile-responsive site. DX Online delivers just that, and we are happy to be able to offer our members all of its new features,” said Brenda Edwards, chief operating officer at Scenic Community Credit Union (Chattanooga, Tenn.), one of the credit unions in pilot with DX Online. “Our staff has enjoyed access to the numerous additional features, like card lock/unlock, and our members love it for its ease of use and the reassurance it provides that their information is safe and easily accessible.”

PSCU is also poised to incorporate digital issuance into its digital suite of offerings in 2020. The CUSO’s digital issuance will create seamless, uninterrupted payment experiences and enable cardholders to continue transacting digitally, even in the absence of their physical card.

“All of PSCU’s DX products – including DX Mobile, DX Online and digital issuance, among other tools – target digitally-enabled credit unions who need uninterrupted payments and reliable digital experiences for their members,” said Jeremiah Lotz, managing vice president, Digital Experience & Payment Products at PSCU. “Developed and curated over years of research and investment, our suite of digital solutions gives Owners access to the technology they need to serve and grow for the future, all while providing the experiences their members expect.”

All of the features delivered through the DX platform are available via PSCU’s extensive API offering, which powers nearly two billion transactions annually and gives credit unions the choice to create and manage their own digital experiences or leverage a hybrid model of experience design and hosting.

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