PSCU’s ‘Make Your Money Matter’ campaign helps GTE Financial better connect with community and millennials

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 5, 2014) – PCSU has created a highly social, grassroots campaign entitled “Make Your Money Matter” that aims to generate a better connection with credit unions, their members, and their communities. Developing a stand-alone website, along with an animated video and comprehensive social media strategies, PSCU arms credit unions nationwide with an educational message set to make a difference with the younger generation for a more prosperous future.

In this three-part, video series produced by CUbroadcast, PSCU’s President & CEO Mike Kelly discusses the foundation, strategies, and future of “Make Your Money Matter” — while GTE Financial‘s AVP of Marketing Jennifer Maxfield shows how the grassroots campaign has benefited her credit union and how it can assist other credit unions nationwide in making this all-important connection for future success.

Click here to see the parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series.

“PSCU and GTE Financial team up to show how effective social media can be, targeting and connecting with a very specific audience that fuels future success,” CUbroadcast Host Mike Lawson says. “In this video series, both parties provide numerous examples of successes and reasons behind those successes – which enhance the value of the ‘Make Your Money Matter’ program. Plus, we talk about graduating from the trendy ‘big data’ and moving to a more valuable ‘big insight’. And thanks to Mike Kelly, we also discover the meaning of SMAC.”

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