R.K. Hammer card consultancy expands advisory services to credit unions

(April 6, 2015) — Leading credit card advisor, R.K. Hammer and their research and analysis division, Card Knowledge Factory®, are expanding a series of best practice offerings to credit unions who desire to grow their card operations, and enhance card member experience. Several offerings are available for CU’s:

  • “Interim” Card Management, for CU issuers in transition, where R.K. Hammer advises on-site
  • Operational Overviews, for CU’s who want improved best practices in their card businesses
  • Examination of Card Policies and Practices, to ensure providing the “Best in Class” service
  • Card Member Satisfaction experience improvement, to advance the CU value proposition
  • Marketing Engagements, to maximize the CU card business growth and measurable results
  • Card Member Agent Program Analysis, for those CU’s who issue cards by other organizations

Company CEO Bob Hammer noted each of these offerings was designed to enhance card member value and loyalty to the credit union issuing the card products, a clear win/win for both parties involved. “It’s not just about product profitability alone, but about card member experience first and foremost. Keep the members experience with your card products on a sustainable roll, and then watch your revenue streams and cross-selling ratios climb and card member attrition rates fall, cites Hammer.”

“Few know their card members better, with lots of other local branch-based CU relationships,” he adds, “and that translates into lower attrition rates, reduced charge offs, and thus better potential returns.”


R.K. Hammer recently celebrated its 25th consecutive year of service to organization issuing credit cards. In addition to card member value enhancements, they also provide expert witness services for issuers in litigation, valuing and brokering card portfolio purchases and sales, conducting second opinions for Board of Directors, and providing day to day operational assistance. R.K. Hammer research and analysis reports have been cited and published over 760 times in virtually all the financial press in the U.S. Many government agencies have used their research and opinions on the subject of card issuance, profitability and member loyalty. Moreover, both the U.S. House and Senate financial institution sub-committees have cited Hammer opinions and research in landmark legislation. Bob Hammer has also managed over 800 agent card member programs going back as far as 1983.   Their international card profitability workshop has personally trained approximately 1,000 card executives from 50 countries over 25 years. For more info on program contents and costs, contact Bob Hammer, CEO of R.K. Hammer, or go to: or

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