Ready When Disaster Strikes: DigitalMailer’s Exigent 911 Improves CUs’ Ability to Communicate in Emergencies

Jimmy Marks
Creative Media Director
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Herndon, Va. (June 30, 2011) – Tornado outbreaks, historic flooding, destructive wildfires – in recent weeks, the news of natural disasters seems non-stop, reminding everyone of the need to be prepared for the unexpected. And no matter what the emergency is, credit unions must always be able to communicate with employees and members.

To help credit unions across the country keep communication lines open during emergencies, DigitalMailer has enhanced its Exigent911 business continuity contact system to include new recorded voice features and self-service contact imports for employees and members. DigitalMailer also has designed special pricing programs and offers complimentary educational webinars on communicating during disasters.

“In light of so many devastating storms and other tragedies, we want to  help credit unions focus on developing an emergency communication plan, whether it’s getting started or improving a plan already in place,” said Ron Daly, President and CEO of DigitalMailer, an eStrategy consulting firm and online communication company for credit unions.

“When people are evacuating their homes or experiencing widespread destruction and power outages, you need more than the calling trees of the past. To reach people today, credit unions must use a variety of communication channels, including text and mobile email,” said Daly. “Fortunately, today’s technology provides multiple options.”

Exigent911 allows credit unions to send staff, members and other key contacts text, email or voicemail messages in any combination or all at once. The system includes consumer-facing messages to share a variety of information, such as branch damage and/or closures, delays in service or operating hours, and alternatives for handling their financial business, such as shared branches, online banking and ATMs.

And with the advent of the hurricane season, DigitalMailer encourages credit unions to make their emergency communication plans a priority. NOAA is predicting an “above-normal” hurricane season for 2011, including 12 to 18 named storms, with six to 10 becoming hurricanes and three to six being major hurricanes.

During any crisis, there are many details and unexpected issues that arise, making a fast way to communicate especially critical. Daly says Exigent911 gets the word out immediately, tracking message delivery and responses.

“When it comes to emergency communication plans, the sooner, the better,” said Daly. “Exigent911 is a vital piece of the puzzle for credit unions that have to tell their employees or members about an urgent situation. The system sends a message to everyone at the same time and, more importantly, tells you who missed getting the message. In some cases, that can make the difference between a quick recovery and a prolonged crisis.”


About Exigent911

Exigent911 is a subsidiary of DigitalMailer, Inc., a Herndon, VA-based eStrategy and e-marketing firm. Exigent 911 was created to help businesses and communities to supplement their disaster recovery plans with strong communications across text messages, email and voice. Currently, Exigent911 serves dozens of financial institutions nationwide. To learn more visit or call 866.994.4900, ext.115.


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