Rekon Technologies moves headquarters to new offices

Expanded, modern location supports company’s continued growth and its focus on quality and customer care

PASADENA, CA (August 26, 2014)  Rekon Technologies, provider of lien release and assignment, and document management software for mortgage servicers and providers, has moved its headquarters to accommodate the company’s steady growth and support its heightened focus on quality and customer care.

“Rekon’s trademark is its outstanding quality and customer care, and it’s imperative that we maintain those levels, regardless of how fast or how much we grow,” said Aurora Marsh, CEO of Rekon Technologies. “Business has picked up as the market has corrected over the past few years. We’re investing in our future by moving to our new offices.”

Rekon Technologies’ new offices offer upgraded facilities and larger space to accommodate more staff. With the Hilton Pasadena next door, the new offices also provide convenience for the company’s visiting customers.

“Employee satisfaction is a key component of our quality assurance and outstanding customer care,” said Marsh. “We needed our new offices to have the space and quality-of-life features that make working at Rekon more enjoyable for our staff.”

The company’s headquarters are now located 150 S. Los Robles Ave, Suite 660, Pasadena, California.

About Rekon Technologies
Rekon Technologies provides mortgage servicers and lenders with advanced technologies for lien release and assignment processing, and for document management and tracking. The company’s two central product offerings are Rekon and DokTrak software. Rekon is the industry’s most adopted lien release and assignment technology. It is used by seven of the nation’s top 10 mortgage servicers and is widely recognized as the industry’s de facto standard in lien release technology. Rekon automatically prepares lien releases and assignments according to the unique standards of each of the country’s 3,600+ recording offices, significantly reduces recording errors and penalties. DokTrak, the servicing industry’s most comprehensive document management and tracking software, empowers lenders to track, manage and maintain file and document locations and post-closing exceptions. Rekon was one of the first companies to offer eRecording capabilities in the 36 states where it is offered. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Pasadena, California. For more information, visit

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