“Robert H. Mackay” award goes to CEO of Community CU

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (June 24, 2015) — Chris Butler, CEO of Community Credit Union, was recognized by CU*Answers as the 11th recipient of the Robert H. Mackay award at the 2015 CU*BASE Leadership Conference held on June 17th in Grand Rapids. CU*Answers CEO Randy Karnes praised Butler, who has served on the CU*Answers Board of Directors since 2001 and as Board Chair since 2006, saying, “Our growth during his term as chairman has been impressive and his leadership on the Board has been a huge contributor to that.”

Butler’s credit union, Community CU in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, recently announced its decision to merge with Verve, a Credit Union (formerly CitizensFirst CU) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, pending regulatory approval. The merger will mark a transition for Butler, who will serve as the West Region President, overseeing the credit union’s growth strategies on the western side of the state.

As Butler is an elected member of the CU*Answers Board of Directors, this change also signals a transition for the CUSO and its network, since currently only CEOs can serve on the CUSO Board. Karnes explained that CU*Answers has new goals to respond to a leadership challenge that is emerging as the roles for credit union executives begin to change. “In our shrinking industry, the recombination of charters is redefining the job titles for many long-time CU professionals,” said Karnes. “Our CUSO needs a strong community of leaders eligible to lead on the Board, so we need to look at the industry in a new way. New alliances, mergers, and operating models will be a key factor in shaping the next decade of credit union success. For CU*Answers to continue as a successful network into the future, it must also evolve. Chris has a unique perspective on these changes and we value his leadership during this time of transition.”

Butler affirmed his commitment to CU*Answers even as his own credit union continues to evolve. “I’m looking forward to the change in my career and the opportunity that it is going to bring. I will continue to support the CUSO model as we navigate the changes occurring in our consolidating industry,” said Butler. Karnes agreed, saying, “Chris’s commitment to be a large part of CU*Answers’ future, no matter what his role might become down the road, signals the kind of dedication to his peers that Bob Mackay himself also found critical to success.”

During the Annual Stockholders Meeting held on the evening of the 17th, Butler was re-elected by the CUSO’s owners to serve another 3-year term of the CU*Answers Board of Directors.

The Robert H. Mackay award was established in 2005 to recognize the leadership contribution of Robert Mackay, retired CEO of Berrien Teacher CU (now known as Honor Credit Union,) who served as a member of the CU*Answers Board of Directors from 1985 to 2007 and as Chairman for 19 of those years. Randy Karnes, CU*Answers CEO said “Bob’s leadership and inspiration served not only as a guide but as the compass for CU*Answers to grow and prosper into a CUSO that is now known in the industry for its core values of cooperation, collaboration and innovation.” Each year this award is presented to an individual who exemplifies these leadership skills.

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