Rochdale Group’s ERM director unveils new enhancements

OVERLAND PARK, KS (January 4, 2015) — The Rochdale Group announces a significant enhancement for their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. A major facelift has been given to the original ERM Director software making it more efficient, effective and insightful for credit union clients.

“Our goal is to make risk managers an integral and vital part of the credit union leadership team,” said Tony Ferris, managing partner for Rochdale Group. “ERM Director helps by turning their efforts into highly sought after intelligence utilized in every organizational decision.”

Credit unions utilizing Rochdale’s ERM Director software have also found the enhancements to be beneficial. Arnette Grossweiler, Chief Compliance Officer with Meriwest Credit Union, shared the following: “I LOVE it! It is easier to read and I like the new Dashboard. The charts are also nicer. Good job!”

Sara Deeter with United Federal Credit Union in St. Joseph, MI indicated that, “We are pleased with the exporting enhancements to the Emerging Risk and Top 30 reports as well as the ease of updating Risk Action Plan items. There will be significant time savings in creating our reporting packets as a result of this upgrade. In addition, being able to segment opportunity costs versus out-of-pocket losses in the software will enhance future discussion and reporting.”

ERM Director serves as a vital part of credit unions’ Enterprise Risk Management programs. The hosted software serves as an affordable and efficient way to manage your ERM program and has been customized specifically for the credit union industry. With this upgrade, Rochdale has introduced significant advantages to the reporting and identification of business risks and opportunities through advanced and dynamic dashboards, flexible administration, and enhanced security.

This upgrade initializes a long line of strategic development efforts to better allow institutions to identify, measure and align strategy development, project initiatives, risk appetite limits, and risk assessments by bringing the complexity of managing today’s financial institution together into a robust program that allows decision makers to more proactively manage key organizational uncertainties and opportunities. More to come soon.

The Rochdale Group has extensive experience in implementing and managing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs, within the financial industry and regulatory agencies. The Rochdale Group currently focuses solely on credit unions and corporate credit unions. The Rochdale Group has developed a customized methodology for credit unions, scalable to any sized institution. 

The Rochdale Group is the only true ERM provider focusing exclusively on credit unions. Other vendors purportedly offering ERM offer a valued service, but it is often only a policy or compliance audit. ERM is about business and process risk directly affecting your performance and bottom-line. We offer the experience, knowledge and software to build and implement your personalized ERM solution and provide ongoing coaching to ensure your success.

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