Saver’s Sweepstakes™ helps 1,000+ improve financial security

MADISON, WI (October 18, 2018) — In a combined effort to help consumers improve their financial security, 14 credit unions in 45 cities saw 1,409 of their members save a total of $180,797.67 in the first month of the Saver’s Sweepstakes™ program. In conjunction with today’s celebration of International Credit Union Day, Cindy T. from Educators Credit Union was named the grand prize winner, winning $5,000.

The saving incentive program rewards members in Wisconsin and Minnesota for saving by automatically entering them to win cash prizes monthly, quarterly and annually.

“Making a positive impact of this kind is important to our communities across the state,” Wisconsin Credit Union League President & CEO Brett Thompson said. “The amount saved by current and new members will only build excitement and participation for future drawings.”

Cindy, a resident of Kenosha, was selected in a random drawing on Monday, Oct. 15.

“I’ve been a member of Educators Credit Union for more than 15 years,” Cindy said. “The Saver’s Sweepstakes is a great way to save money, and I plan to use my winnings by putting money back into my savings account and taking a nice vacation.”

Credit unions are the only financial institutions in Wisconsin offering prize-linked savings accounts to consumers.

The next winner will be drawn on Nov. 19.

About Wisconsin Credit Union League

Founded in 1934, The Wisconsin Credit Union League is the dues-supported trade association for Wisconsin's credit unions-not-for-profit financial institutions cooperatively owned by their more than 3.4 million members. The League is dedicated to serving Wisconsin's credit unions and promoting the credit union difference through advocacy, education, and public service.


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