Securityplus Federal Credit Union Announces Internal Promotions & Creation of New Senior Leadership Team

BALTIMORE, MD (July 29, 2022) — Securityplus Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce the next phase of its strategic leadership transformation with new senior leadership promotions to support its continued growth and success. By expanding the organization’s leadership team to now include both an Executive Leadership Team and the newly formed Senior Leadership Team, Securityplus will not only be able to operate more efficiently and effectively, but also create more growth and career path opportunities for employees at all levels.

The new Securityplus Senior Leadership Team, with a combined total of 207 years of service to Securityplus, includes:

 Mike Adams – Vice President, Innovation
 Pat Banks – Vice President, Collections
 Ella Bartels – Vice President, Controller
 Anthony Carpenter – Vice President, Business Services
 Laura Hunter – Vice President, Executive Administration
 Charissa Martin – Vice President, Enterprise Risk & Compliance
 Debbie Rutter – Vice President, Consumer Lending
 Jack Schiefer – Vice President, Security & Facilities
 Cheryl Warfield – Vice President, Payment Services

“As we continue to align our business and workforce to the future, as part of our strategic transformation, creating our new Senior Leadership Team was a critical step in empowering and enabling our workforce. This incredibly passionate, talented, and experienced group of emerging leaders and subject matter experts will work collaboratively and cross-functionally to continue to champion our strategic optimization and transformation,” said Chief Executive Officer, Tricia Szurgot. “Adding a Senior Leadership Team to our organizational structure not only recognizes the commitment, loyalty and talent of this dedicated group of new Vice Presidents, but also creates new career opportunities for employees at all levels to help us and enhance business resiliency and succession as the Credit Union continues to grow and scale”.


About Securityplus Federal Credit Union

Securityplus Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution dedicated to serving the community and its members since 1935. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and value, Securityplus Federal Credit Union offers a wide range of financial products and services, striving to empower its members to achieve their financial goals. For more information about Securityplus Federal Credit Union and its services, please visit


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