Securityplus Federal Credit Union announces strategic partnerships to offer protection products & exclusive member discount on estate planning services, bridging a critical gap to financial wellness among minority communities

BALTIMORE, MD (April 23, 2024) — Securityplus Federal Credit Union, a recognized Minority Deposit Institution (MDI), is proud to announce its partnership with Trust & Will and Love My Credit Union Rewards to provide exclusive savings on estate planning alongside a suite of comprehensive protection products, a significant initiative aimed at addressing a critical gap wealth transfer planning and financial protection among minority communities. This strategic partnership is part of Securityplus’s broader effort to empower its members and build a financially healthy community through comprehensive financial planning, financial literacy, and accessibility.

“Our mission extends beyond traditional banking services. We aim to educate and equip our members with the tools they need for financial success. With our new suite of protection products and exclusive member discount on estate planning, we’re addressing a crucial and often neglected area of financial planning, ensuring our members’ financial wellness is comprehensive and complete. This initiative underscores Securityplus’s commitment to offering valuable, empowering financial solutions that meet the diverse needs of our members at every stage of life,” stated Ray Ragan, Interim Chief Executive Officer for Securityplus Federal Credit Union.

Through its partnership with Trust and Wills, an industry leader in digital estate planning, Securityplus is offering its members exclusive access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simply the estate planning process. This collaboration enables members to conveniently manage their estate planning needs and create legally binding documents through a user-friendly platform, effectively addressing an often-over-looked aspect of financial wellness. By empowering members to take control of their financial legacy, Securityplus is enhancing the accessibility and convenience of securing their future, highlighting the credit union’s commitment to financial health and security.

“Providing access to estate planning services is a direct response to the gap in resources within minority communities. We recognize that many families do not have access to the necessary tools and documents for estate planning, which can be crucial in preserving and passing along generational wealth. This partnership is going to help us close that gap,” added Ragan.

Trust and Wills offer Securityplus members the following benefits: preferred pricing, top-rated member support, customizable legal documents tailored uniquely to YOU, 24/7 access to a safe, secure, and easy to use platform, and 30 minutes completion time. For more information on this new member benefit, click here.

In tandem with the Trust & Wills partnership, Securityplus is proud to introduce a range of protection products designed to offer members unparalleled financial security and peace of mind. Among these, the Debt Protection program stands out, providing comprehensive coverage for death, disability, and involuntary unemployment coverage, ensuring a safety net for members during challenging times. Further enhancing Securityplus’s suite of protection offerings are additional products, including:

  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), shielding members from out-of-pocket costs when a loan balance exceeds the vehicle’s value at a loss.
  • Auto Advantage Program, providing Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR) for all vehicles owned and insured by the member.
  • Depreciation Protection, protecting against the loss of positive vehicle equity.
  • Vehicle Protection Plan (VPP), offering coverage for a wide array of vehicle-related damages and incidents.
  • Total Loss Assistance, helping to reduce the burden by facilitating better financial outcomes for members through negotiation services.
  • Personal ID Restoration Consulting and Warranty Vault™, offering identity recovery services and a centralized service to manage warranties.

“By taking a holistic approach to financial wellness, we are taking significant steps towards enhancing the financial wellness and stability of our members and their families. Now, more than ever, Securityplus is poised to meet the diverse needs of its members, ensuring both their financial well-being and legacy are secure,” said Ragan.

About Securityplus Federal Credit Union

Securityplus Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution dedicated to serving the community and its members since 1935. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and value, Securityplus Federal Credit Union offers a wide range of financial products and services, striving to empower its members to achieve their financial goals. For more information about Securityplus Federal Credit Union and its services, please visit


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