Senate Federal Credit Union awards Capitol Hill icon and longtime board member Bertie Bowman Emeritus status

United States Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFCU) honors Board Member Herbert “Bertie” Bowman for his exceptional dedication to the organization by bestowing upon him the status of Emeritus Board Member.

Mr. Bowman is USSFCU’s longest-serving Board Member, serving a total of 46 consecutive years on the Board, including two terms as Chairman. His integrity, vision, and leadership have helped steer the Credit Union from just a few million in assets to over $1 billion.

“It is with full hearts and extended gratitude that USSFCU honors Mr. Bertie Bowman as the organization’s first and only Board Member to receive Emeritus status for his extended service to the U.S. Senate and the United States Senate Federal Credit Union,” said USSFCU President & CEO, Timothy Anderson. “He embodies the credit union philosophy of people helping people.  The Credit Union would not be the institution it is today without the guidance of Mr. Bowman.”

Mr. Bowman’s service to the Credit Union began in 1966 as a member of the Credit Committee. Joining the Board of Directors in 1975, Mr. Bowman’s longevity of service to the institution far surpasses any other person within the organization to this date.

Mr. Bowman is also the longest-serving staffer in U.S. Senate history with over 65 years of service on Capitol Hill. USSFCU gained nationwide attention in 2019 when announcing their new headquarters building would be dedicated in honor of the legendary Capitol Hill icon. A building ceremony held in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Room at the Dirksen Senate Office Building served as a very fitting setting that paid homage to the decades of service Mr. Bowman provided to the Foreign Relations Committee.

Mr. Bowman, standing alongside his colleagues, Senators, and other USSFCU Board members, expressed his great thanks to everyone involved with Credit Union’s new headquarters and how honored he was to have the building named after him. He also mentioned his long and storied journey from a small-town in South Carolina to sweeping the steps of the Capitol and working his way up to becoming the Hearing Coordinator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“I have not had the privilege of knowing Bertie for as many years as others, but it didn’t take me long to see his character, integrity, and dedication to service for others,” said Jay Moore, USSFCU Board Chair.  “He truly deserves all the accolades he has received and this unique Emeritus status honors everything he has accomplished for USSFCU and its members.”

While Mr. Bowman will be setting aside the traditional responsibilities of a USSFCU Board Member, this new Emeritus status guarantees Mr. Bowman has a permanent position with USSFCU. His voice will always be heard and he will continue to be a guiding light for this organization as he has been for decades.

Bertie Bowman

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