Ser Tech and Equifax co-hosted perceptive webinar on U.S. and economic trends

Equifax Deputy Chief Economist, Gunnar Blix offered insight for 2018

DALLAS, TX (January 23, 2018) — On Thursday, January 11, Ser Technology, a company that  has been delivering innovative technology solutions to credit unions for more than 20 years, welcomed Equifax Deputy Chief Economist, Gunnar Blix, who provided insight during a co-hosted webinar with, that could help credit unions plan strategic growth initiatives for the year ahead.

Topics included:

– U.S. Economic Overview
– Interest Rate Considerations
– U.S. Consumer and Loan Product Credit Trends
– Special Report: Effects of Natural Disasters on Consumer Credit

“The impacts of the Tax Reform Act of 2018 will be hard to predict as there are many moving parts, and consumers are not likely to understand how it affects them per se until after they file 2018 taxes in April 2019,” Gunnar Blix, Deputy Chief Economist for Equifax explained. “Inflation has been steady and low throughout the recovery-to expansion cycle, a conundrum that is not lost on the Fed’s Open, although economists expect 12-15 bps increase per quarter in 10-yr Treasury rates.”

Credit unions can view the recorded presentation here:

To view/download a PDF of the presentation: click here:

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