Ser Tech and Redwood Credit Union to share insights to platform that gives members their real FICO® Score

Flitter™ now available to credit unions

DALLAS, TX (August 29, 2017) — Ser Technology Corporation, (Ser Tech) is excited to announce that Tony Hildesheim, SVP CIO at Redwood Credit Union, will co-host a webinar about Flitter, Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 1:00 pm CDT.  Flitter delivers tools within a credit network platform which make it EASY for credit unions to provide FICO® Scores, pre-approved offers, and credit education to members.

Credit unions can register for the free webinar by clicking here:

Redwood Credit Union was an early adopter of Flitter.  Hildesheim will share their experience in onboarding the Flitter service, complete with an interface to the credit union’s home banking system and Redwood’s 275,000 members who now have access to their FICO® Score.

Flitter, an innovative credit reporting product from Ser Tech, gives credit union members their real, authentic FICO® Score – the score that truly determines what loans and loan terms they qualify for.

Tony Hildesheim said the credit union has had positive results utilizing Flitter, which includes an API for an advanced integration with their home banking site. “We worked with Ser Tech to help create a credit reporting solution and I will tell you that they were one of the best companies we’ve worked with,” Hildesheim said. “They listen and frankly, as we were building out the integration, we wanted it tightly integrated which they did a pretty great job developing in the first place, and any unique request we had, they came through changing what needed changing until it was right.”

Credit union members also view Flitter as a great service benefit.  Credit scores determine whether you can obtain and how much you pay for a home loan, an apartment, a credit card, cell phone and much more, yet most people don’t even know their credit scores.  Ser Tech can work with your credit union’s Flitter integration to use Fetch Marketing’s back-end processing to help pre-qualify and offer members who may be in the market to refinance an auto, purchase an auto, obtain a credit card, refinance their mortgage, and other loan scenarios.

About Ser Tech

Ser Tech is a financial technology services company that leverages credit data to help clients target consumers to generate new loans, provide FICO® Scores and credit education for consumers, and identify, measure and manage portfolio risk and opportunity through comprehensive loan management. Ser Tech is headquartered in Dallas, serving more than 3,000 credit unions since 1994.


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