Share One boasts a 100% contract renewal rate

MEMPHIS, TN (April 29, 2014) 
Share One, Inc. records a 100% contract renewal rate for their core processing system, NewSolutions, since the processing system was introduced in 2001.  Share One’s executive management benchmarks contract renewals as a key performance indicator for the company, citing satisfied customers as a positive analysis that customer service and progressive technology meet/exceeds client expectations.

Don Conrad, SVP of Sales for Share One, said, “We believe loyal customers are the biggest marketing asset for Share One.  We work hard at getting to know and support our credit union clients with the service and technology that helps them achieve their goals.  We haven’t had any client leave us since the first installation of NewSolutions in 2001.”

Beginning in 2013 – until first quarter 2014, eighteen credit unions renewed their NewSolutions contracts with Share One:

  1. SEMC FCU, Bennie Hoppius, President/CEO, Edgewood, KY
  2. Southern Security FCU, Dawn Graeter, President/CEO, Memphis, TN
  3. Cascade Community FCU, Gretchen Koester, President/CEO, Roseburg, OR
  4. Core CU, Robert Michael, President/CEO, Statesboro, GA
  5. Espeeco FCU, Mandy Phippen, President/CEO, Bakersfield, CA
  6. American Spirit FCU, Maurice Dawkins, President/CEO, Newark, DE
  7. K I T FCU, Barbara Leonhardt, President/CEO, Louisville, KY
  8. LouChem FCU, Michele Resch, President/CEO, Louisville, KY
  9. SecurTrust FCU, Martha Rushing, President/CEO, Memphis, TN
  10. Members 1st Community FCU, Jennifer Jones, President/CEO, Columbus, MS
  11. Queen of Peace Arlington FCU, Dan Morrisey, President/CEO, Arlington, VA
  12. The Triumph Baptist FCU, Sharon Saulters, President/CEO, Philadelphia, PA
  13. Northern Kentucky Educators FCU, Judy Hester, President/CEO, Highland Height, KY
  14. Auto Club FCU, Robert Moreno, President/CEO, Cerritos, CA
  15. First PA Township Employees FCU, Barbara Hamill, President/CEO, King of Prussia, PA
  16. Rural Cooperatives CU, Larry Bischoff, General Manager, Louisville, KY
  17. Regional FCU, Jill Banning, President/CEO, Hammond, IN
  18. Hospitality FCU, Calvin Ridenhour, CEO, Memphis, TN

In 2011, Share One developed the hosted delivery method (a credit union does not need expensive server hardware at their physical location) for new clients and quickly realized its value for existing clients.  The process provides an alternative method of delivery with a more cost efficient process than the in-house delivery method.   “The hosted method offers a resolution to the continual costs associated with hardware maintenance, upgrading and replacing equipment, and licensing, so the cost savings is very attractive,” said Conrad.

Share One, Inc., a CUSO operating out of Memphis, TN., is a leading developer of credit union core processing and serves an expanding client base of credit unions with assets ranging from $10 million to $1.5 billion. NewSolutions provides a full range of advanced features, including comprehensive support for consumer, mortgage, and commercial loans, a full suite of electronic services delivered via the Internet, a fully integrated, member-centric imaging system, and exceptional operational efficiency.  For more information call 800-888-0766 or visit the company Web site at 

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