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MEMPHIS, TN (July 2, 2018) — Share One, Inc. records six contract renewals for their core processing system, NewSolutions, over the past six months.  Share One’s executive management team considers contract renewals extremely important to the continued success of the core processing CUSO out of Memphis, TN.  Share One offers their clients the choice of a robust product offering including their tightly integrated and cloud-based NSHome and NSMobile, or offers a “best-of-breed” solution for clients who prefer that approach.

Teri Van Frank, President/CEO for Share One, said, “We take contract renewals seriously and strive to listen to our current clients.  Each employee at Share One is empowered to help our clients succeed and achieve their goals,” she said. “We are reinventing internal processes and redeveloping products and services based on client feedback.” said Don Conrad, SVP Sales, “We are working to include our clients at a deeper level, so their input makes an impact; this offers them a voice in what we produce.” he said.

From January 2018 – through the second quarter, six credit unions renewed their NewSolutions contracts with Share One:

  1. Cascade Community Credit Union, Assets: $225 M – Client since: 1989

Roseburg, OR. –  Bob Dempsey, President/CEO

  1. Lutheran Federal Credit Union, Assets: $18 M – Client since: 2015

St. Louis, MO. – Ken Krueger, President/CEO

  1. Northern Kentucky Educators’ Federal Credit Union, Assets: $19 M – Client since: 2003

Highland Height, KY. – Judy Hester, President/CEO

  1. Emery Federal Credit Union, Assets: $160 M – Client since: 2011

Cincinnati, OH. –  Todd Cain, President/CEO

  1. Cove Credit Union, Assets: $62 M – Client since: 2009

Edgewood, KY. – Tom Burns, President/CEO

  1. Link Federal Credit Union, Assets: $18 M – Client since: 2013

Indianapolis, IN. – Liz Yentes, President/CEO

About Share One, Inc.

Share One, Inc., a CUSO operating out of Memphis, TN., is a leading developer of credit union core processing and serves an expanding client base of credit unions with assets ranging from $10 million to $2.1 billion. NewSolutions provides a full range of advanced features, including comprehensive support for consumer, mortgage, and commercial loans, a full suite of cloud-based products, a fully integrated, member-centric imaging system, and exceptional operational efficiency. For more information, call 800-888-0766 or visit the company web site at


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