Sharetec celebrates “Win-Win” success with several 25-year CUs

Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems offering the technology of simplicity, is pleased to announce that it is celebrating 25-year partnerships with several successful credit unions. Additionally, the company is proud of how these business relationships have enabled their clients to thrive and allowed Sharetec to enhance its innovative solution over the years.

In the 1990s, numerous credit unions across the U.S. were seeking a more efficient way to complete their daily tasks by improving functionality and efficiencies for both their staff and members. As many were narrowing down their list of prospective solutions and business partners, it was not surprising that an innovative new core processing solution called Sharetec was garnering a lot of attention.

Among the credit unions that opted to partner with Sharetec in 1995 were Akron Fire Police Credit Union (AFPCU) of Akron,  Ohio, Brewster Federal Credit Union (BFCU) of Brewster, Ohio, and Common Roots Federal Credit Union (CRFCU) of Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. Each of these financial institutions had come to realize that they needed an advanced core processing system backed by excellent service to help them grow beyond the approaching millennial year. And grow they did, as all are celebrating strong and prosperous 25-year partnerships with Sharetec as of 2020.

Many of the issues that these credit unions were struggling with a quarter of a century ago are still relevant today. Problems that were impeding their success and growth included an inefficient, paper-centric system that caused widespread inefficiencies, as well as mounting operational expenses, inadequate support services, lack of innovative reporting capabilities, delays in loan and membership application processing, and stagnant membership growth.

AFPCU’s Operations Manager, Georgeanne Hoover, states that reaching their 25-year milestone with Sharetec has been remarkable. “Looking back, our credit union has evolved and grown in so many ways. We have added many new products and services that help us respond to the changing needs of our members,” she notes. “We appreciate that Sharetec has been with us every step of the way, offering the support we need to serve members and for the back office and reporting functions, as well as keeping us up to date with evolving technology. The Sharetec team is always very professional and helpful!”

Joanne Smith, Manager/CEO, BFCU, says that as a whole, their credit union staff has always appreciated the fast and friendly service they receive from the tech support at Sharetec: “When I have ‘one of those days’ and it seems like I have to call multiple times for questions, the Sharetec staff always answers with a smile and provides excellent customer service.”

According to CRFCU’s CEO, Kasi Devinney, outstanding support has also been invaluable over the years. “As a smaller credit union, we truly value the ongoing support we receive,” she remarks. “Sharetec’s excellent service and support have helped to ensure that the features are working optimally to benefit our members and employees and that everything continues to run smoothly.”

Dan Miller, Vice President, Sharetec, appreciates the longevity and strength of Sharetec’s 25-year partnerships. “Without a doubt, as we’ve helped these credit unions improve their functionality and efficiencies, we’ve also been able to improve our company and its offerings,” Dan states. “Listening to their requests and meeting precise needs have helped us enhance and increase the features of our system, making the Sharetec solution progressively better over the years. This continues to be a‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved. I can’t congratulate and thank these credit unions enough.”

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