Sharetec offers Credit Card Single Sign-On within home banking

MINNESOTA, MN (September 23, 2014) — Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems offering a true return on your investment, offers credit union clients Credit Card Single Sign-On product for their members.

“Now members can seamlessly access their accounts from within home banking without the hassle of remembering another username and password. It is one more way to make accessing the Credit Union electronically a seamless and user-friendly experience,” comments Daryl Empen, President of Gas and Electric Credit Union.

Sharetec offers a single sign-on so members can access all the credit union information without having to log into another website. One click on the credit card tab within Home Banking and the member is in their credit card site with the full functionality they expect from the credit card site.

Matt Isger, Regional Director for Sharetec System, comments, “This is a great product for our clients because members want convenience. It’s easy access for members to get to their credit card information quickly.”

Benefits of Sharetec’s Credit Card Single Sign-On

  •  Members don’t have to remember more logins & passwords.
  •  Drives members back to Home Banking.
  •  Balance & statements are received quickly.
  •  It’s convenient and secure.

About Sharetec System

  • Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has nearly 300 core credit unions and has grown 67% since the year 2000.
  • Matt Isger
  • 800-430-5120
  • Regional Director @MattIsger4u 

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