Sharetec welcomes 13 credit unions in 2014

LINO LAKES, MN (December 23, 2014)  Sharetec Systemone of the fastest growing core systems offering a true return on your investment, welcomes 13 new credit unions to the family in 2014.

Many of Sharetec’s new customers are a result of credit unions changing their system to improve efficiency and growth opportunities. In addition to growing the customer base, Sharetec has been delivering, “Core conversions can be a challenge but the Sharetec team was instrumental for making our conversion such a success. We couldn’t have been better prepared than we were,” comments John Bergeson, President of Harvester Financial Credit Union.  

Another credit union had similar feedback when they converted to Sharetec, “Our conversion to the Sharetec system went very well, and I have been through 3 other conversions. What I liked most of all, is that we experienced no major issues with ACH or debit card processing, which can ruin an otherwise good conversion,” comments Mari Zumbiel, President of Progressions Credit Union.

“Our teams are proud to welcome so many credit unions to our core system. A few years ago, we began to focus on parts of our core that delivered an ROI, and that work is paving the way for these new core customers. The core is no longer just an expense on your financials, it’s a way for credit unions to succeed,” remarks Matt Isger, Regional Director for Sharetec. “It is exciting to be helping so many credit unions while also growing the company to handle all conversion requests.”

About Sharetec System 
Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has nearly 300 core credit unions and has grown 67% since the year 2000.

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