Site-Four conducts important disaster recovery test of third-party EFT connection

YANKTON, SD (February 17, 2015) — Site-Four, a data center CUSO and member of the network, has successfully performed a 24-hour test of its Jack Henry & Associates (JHA) EFT connection. Once the connection was rolled to its High Availability (HA) connection in Michigan, it was backhauled to the main facility in South Dakota, testing the ability to replace the main connection should the primary router(s) fail.

Tim Kenney, Site-Four CIO said, “We are a part of a world that really expects their debit and credit cards to work against their real-time balances and limits. Sure, stand-in amounts work great and are needed for certain scenarios, but functioning off of those stand-in amounts for long period of times can create other liabilities for credit unions.”

Site-Four has the combination of established and tested high availability and disaster recovery connections, and the power of the CU*Answers CU*BASE® core processing platform to demonstrate minimal downtimes in normal and disaster scenarios. Kenney added, “These tests take a considerable amount of planning and effort, but going through the process and actually using our backup connections in a live environment is crucial to our way of life in servicing credit unions and their members.”

About Site-Four LLC

Site-Four is the newest venture in the network created to consolidate data centers of three partner organizations by offering shared and tailored operations as well as disaster recovery and remote service options. Site-Four was built to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, incorporating geothermal technology, redundant and dual energy backup infrastructure, a high availability redundancy system, and dual dedicated fiber optic communications pipelines. The CUSO stands as an example of how cooperative business design can create operational efficiencies and data center innovation, providing service bureau offerings for multiple credit union-owned organizations.

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