SkyPoint Federal Credit Union partners with Sensibill to harness the power of SKU-level data

Credit union leveraging technology to better know and serve members, enhance digital experience

TORONTO, ON (May 20, 2021)Sensibill, the leading provider of everyday financial tools and SKU-level insights that drive personalization and help make financial wellness attainable for all, today announced that Montgomery County, Md.-based SkyPoint Federal Credit Union has launched the company’s digital receipt management solution to enhance the digital experience for members and unlock deeper, more valuable data for the institution.

SkyPoint is committed to providing more digital self-service options to their members and simplifying the banking experience. By leveraging Sensibill’s advanced AI and ML-based technology through the NCR-powered digital banking app, the credit union’s members can now easily capture and store their receipts digitally. This functionality is not only beneficial for particular use cases such as separating business and personal expenses and completing taxes with more speed and accuracy, but it also enables better expense and spend management, ultimately helping members build healthier financial habits.

Jorge Saenz, chief development and engagement officer for SkyPoint, said, “Our members are very technically savvy; they crave the self-service tools that allow them to quickly and conveniently complete tasks and manage their finances, which is why our partnership with Sensibill is a perfect fit. With Sensibill, we are delivering easy-to-use, tailored tools that help our members manage everyday spend and financial activity. Our partnership with Sensibill will allow us to tap into deeper data like SKU-level insights to provide more personalized banking experiences and support our mission of making banking simple for our membership.”

The SKU-level data SkyPoint gains from Sensibill’s technology provides unprecedented insights into members’ life stages, hobbies, preferences, habits and timely financial needs. Such details allow the credit union to better know and serve members, ultimately strengthening and growing relationships. Saenz continued, “From the beginning, we’ve been impressed with the depth of data made available through Sensibill – we can better understand our members and when they might need a loan, a certain type of savings account or even more personalized guidance. And, the company’s roadmap and strategy is strong; we’re excited about where the technology and data is headed in the near future.”

Corey Gross, co-founder and CEO of Sensibill, stated, “We are proud to partner with institutions like SkyPoint that are committed to creating a more personalized approach to banking and prioritize convenience and value for members. By leveraging our technology, the credit union is empowering members to manage everyday financial activities and spend more easily and efficiently. At the same time, the credit union is gaining deeper insights into who their members are and what they need to succeed financially, both now and in the future. Such insight is critical for institutions to maintain strong relationships while helping their members boost overall financial health.”

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