SLK GLOBAL announces availability of new SmarTranstm business process transformation model for all clients

DALLAS, TX (February 18, 2014) – SLK Global, a leading business transformation solutions provider for the U.S. banking, mortgage, title, and other financial services industries, officially launched its proprietary SmarTranstm business transformation model that vastly improves clients’ business processes.. The SmarTrans framework includes a proprietary array of methodologies, templates, checklists, processes and technologies to enable SLK to deliver 3X business value to its clients. The framework is customizable to meet specific requirements of clients. SmarTrans redefines business process management by bringing thought leadership, technology and proven analytical approaches to processes that were largely manual before, the company said.

“SmarTrans has been piloted over the past six months, undergoing continuous improvement and refinement with selected engagements,” said Alok Datta, chief operating officer of SLK Global. “After meeting or exceeding expectations in every testing phase, we felt it was time to officially announce this development and make it available to all of our customers.”  Datta noted that the mortgage industry is at a critical juncture, dealing with reduced profitability due to increased compliance costs and reduced volume.  SmarTrans was developed as a “force multiplier” to maximize business resources and improve processes while reducing costly mistakes in mortgage, banking, payment processing and other financial services verticals.

“Using SmarTrans, we have been able to reduce defects from around 5% to less than 1% in a consistent and controlled manner,” said Datta. One way this is accomplished is through SmarTrans’ ability to dramatically increase sampling in areas like loan quality control (QC) without additional cost, resulting in tremendous improvements in process quality, reduced repurchase exposure and greater compliance with regulatory requirements. “In addition, we have reduced typical lead times for several of the processes that we manage from five days to less than one day,” he added, noting another benefit of SmarTrans’ streamlined process.

SLK Global provides business process transformation services from several centers in India and Dallas, Texas.  By using the SmarTrans model, the company is also able to redefine the startup process of engaging an outsource partner by simplifying the steps and accelerating implementation to minimize clients’ investments.  According to Senior Vice President Ramachandran Ariyur, who heads the global sales and marketing effort for SLK, the savings are game changing. “Setting up operating teams to manage these kinds of improvements would typically cost our clients about 50% more than with SmarTrans,” said Ariyur. “With the innovations of the SmarTrans model, they will be able to manage this process reliably, far more quickly, and at nearly half the expense. Leveraging SmarTrans, our clients are able to significantly increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and enhance retention,” he said, noting additional benefits.

“The SmarTrans model will provide significant competitive advantage to our customers,” Ariyur predicted. “They will feel very confident as we transform their operations and deliver business value using this proven and reliable framework.”    

About SLK Global
SLK Global is a part of the SLK Group, a leading business process and software services provider with over 4,000 employees across several locations. SLK Global focuses on providing business process outsourcing (BPO) services to mid-sized and large financial services organizations in the U.S. banking, mortgage lending, title insurance and other financial services sectors.

Founded in 2000, SLK is headquartered in Bangalore, India, and operates in the U.S. from its facility in Dallas, Texas.  SLK Global is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 certified company and is SSAE 16 Type II certified. For more information, please visit Also follow SLK Global at @slkglobalsvcs.



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