Sontiq and Breach Clarity strike exclusive industry partnership

Sontiq’s Solutions, including IdentityForce and EZShield, Equip Individuals with Personalized Breach Risk Intelligence For Unprecedented Insight & Recommendations to Mitigate Data Breach Impact

PLEASANTON, CA (November 17, 2020)Sontiq, the leader in Intelligent Identity Security, today announced an exclusive industry partnership with Breach Clarity, an award-winning Fintech provider. Sontiq will infuse Breach Clarity’s product, which includes an algorithm-based and hyper-personalized Breach Clarity Score™, into its cloud-based Intelligent Identity Security solutions. Sontiq is the first and only identity theft protection provider to have Breach Clarity’s product integrated into its solutions.

Sontiq provides best-in-class identity theft protection through its solutions, IdentityForce and EZShield. With the volume and velocity of data breaches increasing, Sontiq will provide the intelligence individuals need to understand how a data breach could impact their identity. Extending beyond basic breach alerts, individuals will see how their unique breach history influences their vulnerability around new security incidents. Furthermore, Sontiq and Breach Clarity will provide comprehensive insight and recommendations that will empower individuals to proactively protect their financial and credit profile.

“We are proud to partner exclusively with Sontiq,” said Jim Van Dyke, Co-founder and CEO of Breach Clarity. “Combining our expertise in the risks of data breaches with Sontiq’s Intelligent Identity Security is a natural extension to proactively protect sensitive personal information. With three to four security incidents happening daily, most individuals will at least be part of two each year, and one-third will become victims of identity fraud. By marrying our exclusive in-depth ability to personalize identity crime risks and actionable recommendations with Sontiq’s best-in-class identity theft protection platform, including personalized restoration services, we’re jointly providing unprecedented power to overcome the ubiquity of fraud and data breach events.”

Sontiq partnered with Breach Clarity to provide a unique approach to breach risk intelligence. Breach Clarity removes a one-size fits all approach to consumer breach response, since every individual has their own unique pattern of risk. Sontiq will leverage Breach Clarity’s proprietary algorithm, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze more than 1,300 data points to assess the risks of a breach. From there, Sontiq and Breach Clarity will provide personalized, recommended actions. The in-depth approach takes into consideration all the various types of identity theft that could result from stolen Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This may include medical identity fraudsynthetic identity fraudcredit card fraud, advance fee schemes, account takeover fraud, and Social Security number fraud.

“Joining forces with Breach Clarity as we continue our fight against identity fraud and cybercrime further strengthens Sontiq’s commitment to deliver word-class privacy and security capabilities that protect what matters most,” said Brian J. Longe, President and CEO of Sontiq.  “No matter the audience, Sontiq will ensure that Breach Clarity’s highly tailored breach intelligence, paired with our identity theft protection and recovery services, provides ultimate control to truly mitigate the risk of compromised personal information. This advancement in the next-generation of Intelligent Identity Security signals the massive wave of innovation Sontiq will continue to deliver as part of its cloud-based platform.”

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Get a first glimpse of how Sontiq and Breach Clarity are teaming up to provide actionable insight into security incidents – and what’s yet to come with hyper-personalized breach risk intelligence. Sontiq and Breach Clarity are committed to delivering a more tailored experience fueling unprecedented control into protecting personal information.

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About Breach Clarity

Breach Clarity is a fraud prevention and detection technology company based in the San Francisco Bay area.  The company’s proprietary, AI-based algorithm instantly analyzes more than 1,300 elements to score the risk level of a data breach. Each publicly reported data breach in the U.S. receives a Breach Clarity Score on a simple numerical scale, typically from 1 to 10. Breach Clarity’s dynamic algorithm and easy-to-use interface runs on the most comprehensive source of data breaches in the U.S., maintained and updated continuously by the Identity Theft Resource Center. To learn more, visit

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Sontiq is an Intelligent Identity Security company arming businesses and consumers with award-winning products built to protect what matters most. Sontiq’s brands, EZShield and IdentityForce, provide a full range of identity monitoring, restoration, and response products and services that empower customers to be less vulnerable to the financial and emotional consequences of identity theft and cybercrimes. Sontiq is a portfolio company of the Wicks Group. Learn more at or engage with us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or YouTube.


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