South Carolina Credit Unions Successfully Kick Off Week-Long Gas Give Away

FLORENCE, SC – Several credit unions from around the Pee Dee region of South Carolina joined together this morning to offer free gas fill-ups. The event kicked off at 7:30 at the Breakers Convenience Store in Florence.

“The first cars started showing up around 4:30 this morning” said Will Crosswell, Director of Business Development for Palmetto First Federal Credit Union who was one of the first on site.

The offer of free gas kicks off the second year of the ongoing campaign, referred to as MADTAG.

MADTAG, sponsored by the Credit Unions of South Carolina, highlights the good deeds being done in our local community, and those who are making a difference.

“The turnout was much more than we could have ever expected” said Robert Harris, CEO of Health Facilities Federal Credit Union.

“The highlight of the event was at the very start. One of the first vehicles in line stalled, and the car behind him sacrificed his spot in line to give this stranger a jump-start. It really highlighted the whole theme of this event, and that’s showing the good deeds that happen everyday in our community” Harris said. While MADTAG representatives estimated about 200 cars in line for a free fill-up, the Florence Police Department put that number closer to 500.

Woodrow King was one of the drivers who was the recipient of the free gas. “$20 will only fill my truck up to about a quarter of a tank, but the wait is well worth it with gas prices as high as they are right now” King said.

The gas give-aways will continue throughout South Carolina this week, with an event scheduled in Charleston on Wednesday morning and the Midlands on Thursday morning. Each event will offer the first 100 drivers in line a free fill-up with up to $20 worth of regular gasoline. For more information on the MADTAG initiative, visit

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