Southern Nevada Credit Unions teach finances with a bite of reality

Local students learn money management through a simulation app

LAS VEGAS, NV (October 3, 2022) — The Southern Nevada Chapter of the Nevada Credit Union League (SNV Chapter) recently gave over 150 students at Ed Clark High School a Bite of Reality with a real-world simulation app provided by the Richard Miles Johnson Foundation.

Students were prompted to make personal financial decisions in every area of life for their given persona including an occupation, income, family description, and possible debt to name a few. SNV Chapter volunteers assisted the students while they made decisions about housing, transportation, groceries, etc. When students ran into trouble and needed help, they were instructed to visit the “Credit Union” station for guidance.

“Financial education and responsibility are necessary skills for our youth,” said SNV Chapter President, Ronald Menor. “The Bite of Reality app allowed our credit union volunteers to more effectively prepare students for future financial situations in a safe space where they could fail and learn better money habits for the future.”

Volunteers from the recent event were credit union employees from Clark County Credit Union, Credit Union 1, SCE Credit Union, Silver State Schools Credit Union, WestStar Credit Union and The Baker Group (a credit union CUSO).

The SNV Chapter regularly hosts events throughout Southern Nevada related to financial literacy, philanthropy and PAC to raise awareness for the credit union movement.

About Southern Nevada Chapter of the Nevada Credit Union League

The Southern Nevada Chapter is a credit union trade association, passionately promoting and supporting credit unions in Southern Nevada. The Chapter is continually working to shape an environment in which credit unions can advance the financial well-being of consumers. More information about the Nevada Credit Union League can be found at


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Clark County Credit Union

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