Star Financial Services announces new Merchant Services Programs for ATM deployers

ELKRIDGE, MD (July 12, 2022) — Star Financial Services, Inc. (Star), a top-rated independent ATM and merchant services industry partner, is now offering Merchant Services Programs, specifically designed for ATM deployers. In addition to new revenue streams through credit card processing and cash discounting services, the program also includes in-depth online and one-on-one training on business models and sales strategies for increasing revenue through a dedicated, on-staff trainer.

“Merchant services, especially offering a cash discount program, is a logical next step for ATM deployers when it comes to gaining more residuals in the retail space,” said Yonas Marcos, CEO of Star Financial. “Plus, our new training program will help independent ATM deployers (IADs) understand the business benefits and revenue opportunities and teach them how to sell the various programs we offer and, if necessary, close the sale on their behalf.”

Star’s merchant services programs are designed to help partners build new offerings that increase business revenues, offer better prices on packaged products, and increase ATM withdrawals when combined with a cash discount program. “The goal is to help ATM deployers diversify their business and build stickier relationships with their merchant clients,” says Marcos.

To help with this effort, the company has brought on Candace Jordan as their dedicated Program Trainer for merchant services. In this role, Jordan is able to coach ATM deployers through the process of adding these new, non-ATM services to their portfolio. Whether it is determining how merchant services fits into their business or learning how to effectively sell it, Jordan leverages her experience and understanding to assist partners in achieving success.

“We are very excited to be offering cash discounting, credit card processing, e-commerce, and other unique merchant services programs to our ATM partners,” said Jordan. “We’ve all learned over the last two years that everyone needs a backup plan or a big savings account. Selling merchant services is a great way to diversify your portfolio so you’re ready for whatever life throws at us next. We are here and ready to help you succeed.”

To set up an appointment to learn how you can diversify your portfolio by offering merchant services, click here, visit the merchants services page on our site or call 1(800) 742-1852 to discover more about Star’s Merchant Services Programs and Training.

About Star Financial Services

Star Financial specializes in ATMs for financial institutions, retailers and mobile events. We also offer merchant services programs, including cash discounting, POS, online and ecommerce and mobile solutions, to help retailers reduce their expenses and help ATM deployers diversify their portfolio. Connect with Star via LinkedIn, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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