Strohl Risk Solutions Announces Release of Risk Management Solution to Help Banks and Credit Unions Assess and Monitor Financial Impacts

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA. January 8, 2015 – Strohl Risk Solutions, the industry leader in risk management software and services, today announced the release of its latest addition to the ERM™ 365 family of solutions, ERM 365 – Risk Manager. Risk Manager is designed to help organizations assess risk and monitor the financial exposures they face on a daily basis.

“In early 2014, our original goal was to release a major update to our ERM 365 – Risk Monitoring platform. However, as a result of several customer user group meetings early in the year, our initial direction changed” says Eric Strohl, President & CEO of Strohl Risk Solutions. The decision to launch a new product is more in line with the varying needs of our customers — both small and large.

Many of our customers are extremely satisfied with the existing ERM 365 – Risk Monitoring platform and want to continue using it for monitoring compliance with policies, key risk indicators, and key performance indicators. Other customers are seeking additional functionality to get a more detailed look at the various risks and financial impacts facing their organizations. By adding ERM 365 – Risk Manager to our suite of solutions, we are able to meet both needs, allowing our customers to choose the best solution based on the size and complexity of their operations.

“Working closely with our customer user group has profoundly informed our design, making ERM 365 – Risk Manager the most comprehensive tool for measuring and monitoring financial and non-financial exposures in the industry” says JR Benning, Chief Technology Officer at Strohl Risk Solutions. Other highlights include enhanced security, custom reporting, customizable hierarchies, end-user portals, document management, meta-tagging data, insurance gap analysis, read-only access for board members and examiners, interactive dashboards, natural language navigators, and a risk library containing over 2,000 risks.

“It is inspiring to be able to directly address our customers’ requests and bring their visions for a better risk solution to fruition.” said Strohl. “Improving the quality of our customers’ day-to-day operations has been a driving focus of our company since day one.”

ERM 365 – Risk Manager will be available to all new customers on January 21st. Existing customers will have several upgrade options to choose from (all of which include conversion of existing data). For more information on the release of ERM 365 – Risk Manager, call us at 610-265-1002. Additional product information will become available on our website at as we approach the release date.

About Strohl Risk Solutions

Strohl Risk Solutions provides industry leading risk management software and services designed to help organizations reduce risk and lower the cost of regulatory compliance. Headquartered in the Philadelphia area, Strohl Risk Solutions currently serves banks and credit unions throughout the United States and Canada.

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