Student Loan Consolidation Awareness Week seeks national participation via social media November 4th – 8th

cuStudentLoans hosts the second annual “Student Loan Consolidation Awareness Week” with expert advice and prizing

NEW YORK, NY (October 31, 2013) — In an effort to help the millions of recent graduates carrying student loan debt and raise awareness on options available to them, cuStudentLoans declares November 4th – 8th as “Student Loan Consolidation Awareness Week.”  The week-long event, which is in its second year, features daily webinars, exciting educational awareness content, and loan experts on hand to answer questions submitted through social media.

For 2013 college graduates, November marks the beginning of student loan repayment as their six month grace period expires. cuStudentLoans, a private student lending program that was created and managed by not-for-profit credit unions, is helping recent graduates make more informed decisions when it comes to their higher education finances.

This year’s event features webinars educating graduates on federal loan repayment plans including Income-Based Repayment, “Pay As You Earn,” and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Financial aid veteran, Ken O’Connor, will answer important borrower questions like how to lower your monthly payment, who is eligible, and how to apply. Additionally, cuStudentLoans will hold a sweepstakes where one lucky participant will be awarded $500 for use towards student loan repayment. Facebook and Twitter users can follow the hashtag #StudentLoanAwareness to receive debt management tips and updates throughout the week.

The initiative complements cuStudentLoans’ efforts in financial literacy, which is featured in the “College Resource Center” section on the cuStudentLoans website, and focuses on helping the millions of recent college graduates better understand the repayment and refinancing options available to them for their education debt.

“Many recent graduates today face economic challenges after they leave school, especially after their deferment period is over and their student loans enter full repayment,” said Ken O’Connor, Director of Student Advocacy at cuStudentLoans. “cuStudentLoans, through its financial literacy and awareness initiatives, hopes to help students regain financial control and better understand all of their options, including student loan consolidation.”

About cuStudentLoans cuStudentLoans is a leading network of credit unions offering private student lending options to students and families nationwide. Developed in 2009, cuStudentLoans is comprised of over 150 progressive credit unions that built a member-responsive private student loan program using a common underwriting and pricing platform. The program, which consists of both the cuScholar Private Student Loan and cuGrad Private Student Loan Consolidation, includes loan participations to enhance and mitigate risk.

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