Superior Choice Credit Union provides free financial education materials for local high school

SUPERIOR, WI (January 21, 2014) — Superior Choice Credit Union is partnering with the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation and brass Media to provide the financially-focused brass Student Program to Superior High School starting in 2014.

The brass Student Program provides quarterly financial literacy materials to high school students with the goal of increasing their understanding of the money side of life™. The materials include magazines, videos, infographics, and lesson plans that satisfy model academic standards for personal financial literacy.

“We’re excited to provide students with fun educational tools that teach them such important life skills,” said Gary Elliott, President and CEO of Superior Choice CU. “As a local member-owned institution, we feel it’s our duty to help future generations be financially savvy and contribute to the overall health and prosperity of our community as they grow up.”

The support for the brass Student Program in Wisconsin schools is made possible through the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation and not-for-profit credit unions throughout the state. The support of brass and other educational efforts are a core part of credit unions’ mission to put the financial needs of their members and communities first.

About brass Media Inc: brass Media Inc is dedicated to providing the financial industry with content and media solutions that help connect with young adult members to build a strong financial foundation. For more information, visit


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