SWBC and Digital Compliance Announce New Vendor Management Solution

SAN ANTONIO, TX (April 23, 2013) – SWBC, and its partner Digital Compliance, have launched a new and improved online vendor management system called Venminder®. This new, secure website allows SWBC’s clients to view compliance documents for free.

“After being partnered with Digital Compliance for the last five years, we are excited about this ‘next generation’ vendor management solution,” said Mark Hein, CEO of SWBC’s Financial Institution Group. “This new solution will make it easy for SWBC clients to access the most relevant compliance, financial, and due diligence documents real time, anytime. We are also happy to change our pricing model and provide this service at no cost to SWBC clients.”

“We’re delighted to partner with SWBC to support their commitment to keeping compliance costs and frustrations low,” said Kelli Schultz, President and CEO of Digital Compliance. “In today’s environment, banks and credit unions depend on third-party service providers to deliver value now more than ever. With this outsourcing comes big responsibility to oversee the soundness of these vendors. Venminder was created to provide an easy, streamlined solution that relieves the burden of regulation for financial institutions.”

Venminder also allows clients to store important documents, manage contract expirations, set reminders, collaborate with co-workers, read peer reviews, document annual vendor reviews, and much more.

About SWBC
Headquartered in San Antonio, SWBC is a diversified financial services company providing a wide range of insurance, mortgage, and investment services to financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. With offices across the country, SWBC is committed to providing quality products, outstanding services, and customized solutions in all 50 states. For more information, visit SWBC’s website at

About Digital Compliance
Digital Compliance (DC) revolutionizes the vendor management experience with Venminder, a plain English, easy-to-implement 360° solution for third party vendors and their financial institution (FI) clients. DC’s cloud-hosted vendor management solutions provide third party vendors and FI clients with a highly collaborative, workflow-driven experience that improves efficiency and compliance across the enterprise.  For more information, please visit

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