SwitchThink Solutions promotes leader to Senior Vice President, Digital Experience & Innovation

PHOENIX, AZ (May 10, 2023) — SwitchThink Solutions has promoted Wayne Oleksak to senior vice president, Digital Experience & Innovation. In the position, Wayne and his team are responsible for delivering digital product strategy for SwitchThink, a digital product and IT services CUSO, for credit unions across the nation.

Oleksak joined SwitchThink four years ago as vice president, Digital Experience & Innovation. He brings 30 years of product leadership and user experience expertise from Norton LifeLock and GoDaddy to the SwitchThink team. Oleksak combines a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering with a Master of Business Administration for a deep understanding of how products work and a passion to make them simple to use.

“Wayne’s proven leadership has already helped our clients increase digital solution adoption and effectiveness,” said Scott Butler, SwitchThink’s chief executive officer. “As we continue to grow, Wayne is helping us expand our digital services offerings, so clients can transform the member digital experience even more.”

“Everyone deserves a simple, safe, elegant online banking solution that starts on their phone and feels just as good on their laptop,” said Oleksak. “Whether they’re opening a checking account, applying for a loan or depositing a check, our passion is to make the experience nothing short of excellent.”

About SwitchThink Solutions

SwitchThink Solutions is an IT services CUSO formed in partnership with Corelation. As credit union professionals dedicated to optimizing and expanding KeyStone’s capabilities for its clients, SwitchThink has developed deep domain expertise in the areas of conversion, development, cloud hosting, and operational best practices. Clients leverage the company’s knowledge to unlock new strategic possibilities through performance improvement and rapid innovation.

Services include managed and infrastructure cloud solutions; disaster recovery as a service; development and consulting services; and conversion support services, all specifically designed for credit unions. Whether for an existing KeyStone user or for one preparing for implementation, SwitchThink experts help rapidly apply the transformational powers of KeyStone and cloud computing. Rethink what’s possible with SwitchThink. Visit


Carol Barreyre
Media contact for SwitchThink Solutions

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