The United States Senate Federal Credit Union joins the Greater Washington Board of Trade in support of inclusive regional economic growth

ALEXANDRIA, VA (October 20, 2020) — Two of the oldest and most established organizations in Washington, D.C. recently came together, when the United States Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFCU) joined the Greater Washington Board of Trade. Additionally, the Board of Trade became a Select Employee Group (SEG) of USSFCU, making Board of Trade members automatically eligible for USSFCU membership. Cemented in community service, both organizations take great pride in lifting up, representing and supporting associations, organizations as well as businesses throughout the greater Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia (DMV) region.

Since its original establishment in 1889, the Greater Washington Board of Trade has been a staple in Washington, D.C., working diligently to improve the environment for businesses and citizens in the DMV region through its policies and practices. The Board of Trade collaborates with partners to influence polices on topics such as Affordable Housing, Business Development Incentives, Technology, Education and more.

“We are so pleased to have USSFCU join and support the mission of the Board of Trade. The United States Senate Federal Credit Union offers value, support, and unique resources to our large and diverse membership community of businesses and social organizations as we navigate relief, recovery, and a return to growth in the region.”

  • George Longwell, Vice President of Engagement

As a not-for-profit financial institution, the United States Senate Federal Credit Union provides a variety of business products, services and solutions to its members, making USSFCU and the Board of Trade a natural fit. Born out of the Great Depression, USSFCU made a commitment to its members that they would have access to the same financial solutions one could find at almost any bank. That commitment continues to this day, as USSFCU strives to improve the financial wellness of their valued members throughout all stages of life by integrating sustainability and security into every financial solution.

“We are proud to join the Greater Washington Board of Trade and excited to foster relationships with them and all of their members. We are also confident that as a unique financial alternative, we can become a great resource to the GWBOT and their membership.”

  • Timothy L. Anderson, USSFCU President & CEO

About United States Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFCU)

For over 85 years, USSFCU has provided the U.S. Senate and Capitol Hill communities with world-class financial stability, security, and service. Now a $1.2 billion credit union with 100 plus paths to membership, almost everyone has the opportunity to experience the USSFCU difference. Learn more at

About the GWBOT

The Greater Washington Board of Trade (GWBOT) focuses on the long-term strategic needs of the entire region and leverages technology and innovation to drive inclusive economic growth and improve livability. The GWBOT envisions a smart region with a diversified economy that not only embraces technology, but evolves new business models, partnerships and approaches to make Greater Washington a place where everyone can succeed and prosper.


Carrie Lazar
Membership Development Representative • 571.253.6362

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