This is the top mistake employers make that is eroding trust

Employee Whisperer” says this one mistake can set back a workplace by years

FOLSOM, CA (April 22, 2022) — Employee relations is one of the top concerns on every employer’s mind right now. The Great Resignation has forced many employers to listen, some for the first time ever. However, many are making the grave mistake of asking employees for feedback and then never making any true change, which can actually push away employees at a faster rate.

“Once you tell someone, I hear you, we’ll make the change and then you don’t, this is going to increase bitterness, mistrust and overall frustration,” explained Jason Greer, commonly known as “The Employee Whisperer” and owner of Greer Consulting Inc. (GCI) a 17-year Employee and Labor Relations Company. “You have to recognize that the employee has put forth effort to tell you what’s wrong and make their needs heard and it’s very much on you to meet and reward this effort with a similar undertaking of your own. If you don’t you will end up pushing away the
people you hired.”

It’s not easy to make change, especially in larger workplaces but it’s not impossible. To start, Greer recommends:

– Starting small: It’s always better to start small and build trust quickly than to try the largest undertaking and fail.
– Starting immediately: If an employee is brave and honest enough to bring an issue up to you, then it is safe to say that it truly matters to them. Show you care by verbally acknowledging what you have heard, address it immediately and follow up consistently.
– Spreading the word: If you make the change, tell others about it. It’s not bragging. You are ensuring the new element is utilized and capitalized on so the impact is obvious to other leaders.

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