Three Wichitans selected for Money Possible Campaign

WICHITA, KS (March 3, 2014) — Three Wichitans are on their way to becoming Debt Destroyers. The families are part of the Money Possible: Destroy Debt campaign, a consumer financial literacy program created by the Kansas Credit Union Association.

Loosely based on the “Biggest Loser” hit TV show, the campaign will follow Kansas credit union members as they work with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service to destroy their household debt, and learn smart money management skills.

Meet the participants

  • Raquel
    Raquel is married and a mother of two young children. In her 30s, her goal is to pay down payday loans, and learn to save.
  • Lisa and Bryan
    In their 40s, Lisa and Bryan want to save for retirement. They have three older children. They need to learn to say “no” and live within their means.
  • Fredica
    A divorced mother of four in her 50s, Fredica wants to control impulse spending, and save enough to buy a house.

“By following our members through their challenges and successes, the campaign can be a learning experience for everyone, not just our participants,” said Melissa Baptista, Research and Development Director at the Kansas Credit Union Association. “Many consumers have more debt than they’d like, are worried about their retirement options, or just want to ease the stress of their financial situation. By watching others, just like them, we can help those who may be in the same financial situation as our participants.”

The Money Possible campaign will use weekly television segments on KAKE-TV (ABC) to follow the families. Segments will air Tuesdays during the 4:00 pm news. In addition, 15 second “Tip of the Week” spots will air several times a week. Updates will also be posted on the blog. Follow the campaign on social media: #moneypossible

This program highlights the need for consumer financial education, as well as the value of credit unions as strong financial partners. A recent survey shows Americans are still struggling with saving, and as of August 2013, Americans are $11 trillion in debt. The campaign aims to give consumers tips and explain that there are resources available to those who need extra help.

About the Money Possible Campaign
Financial education is a primary focus of Kansas credit unions, and credit unions nationwide. The idea of using a public venue to share members’ stories and promote financial literacy comes from the Kansas Credit Union Association’s Innovation & Implementation Lab.

This is a pilot program for the Wichita area. The campaign shares participant stories through television, the blog and through social media. Follow the hashtag #moneypossible.

About the Kansas Credit Union Association
The Kansas Credit Union Association is the trade association for credit unions in Kansas, serving more than 640,000 Kansas consumers. Established in 1934, the Association assists member credit unions in meeting the needs of their members and potential members to further the success of the credit union movement. 

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